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Lexi July 09 Garden of Eden



Well I've been on a bit of a sabbatical since my last punt with Chantelle at S54 which was the beginning of June, so about 7 weeks in total. For 2 reasons really, no1, to save a bit of money (reserve was running low) and no2, you can have too much of a good thing (did I just say that), my batteries needed a recharge. I found my enthusiasm in a session was waning.


I had been thinking of getting back into the saddle for a couple of weeks now.


I had thought about one or two privates but had been put off of them for one reason or another and having read wicked's and FV's reviews on Lexi, I decided she was the one. So PM'd her to arrange a date and time, all arranged for Sunday 19th about 7.00pm.


My first time at GOE, was let in by receptionist, we said hello to each other and I told her why I was there, to meet Lexi, she took me to the first intro room or maybe it was a lounge as the was a few seats in there.


I sat down and waited 3 or 4 minutes, I could here this click click of shoes coming toward the room, then through the door comes this young woman, my first thought was fuck, she's pretty, she comes over to me and we shake hands and introduce are selves as she sites down next to me, I tell her who I am off of FIA and she says, its always good to put a face to the name. She says, is there anything you want to know? I say not really as I've read your reviews, so she says, are you staying? I say yes, if you're happy to stay with me? She replies, of course.


She goes off and receptionist comes back and takes me to reception to pay $200 for 1hr. I'm standing there waiting when Lexi comes back out and walks toward me, she is wearing a red strapless top that does up down the front, long dark coloured pencil skirt and stiletto shoes, topped off with long flowing dark hair. She looks as hot as.


She leads me up the stairs to the bedroom. We talk a bit and she asks what I like in a session. Well it has to include kissing with tongues and oral on you, whether it be 69 or Daty, apart from that, I just go with the flow, let you do what you want to do, if I like the service, I'll come back, if not I won't. Ok good she says. With that its inspection time and she leaves me to shower.


Upon her return she has her hair tied up, with the way she is dressed, it reminds me of the corporate image look.


I lay on the bed in anticipation of what's to come. She has got undressed and is climbing up the bed over me and lays on me, straight in with DFK and lots of it, next nipple licking and sucking, now it's my left ear that's being chewed and licked, she has a little fondle of little mok to see how he's going, he's going great guns. She moves down and has eye contact with him, she licks my balls, when she breaths, it makes my balls feel cold.


She now does a thorough job of lubricating little mok and applies a condom, she gets on for cowgirl, as little mok slides in for the first time; I can feel how warm her pussy is inside. She rides me slow, going right up so little mok almost comes out and slowly going all the way back down. She does this quite a few times and then falls forward for more DFK. I fondle her breasts and have a good old suck.


She says I'll show you my party trick; she starts turning round to her left to move into the reverse cowgirl position while sitting on me with my cock still inside her. She makes it to reverse cowgirl without little mok coming out. She rides up and down for a couple of minutes and then tries to complete the 360 degree turn. She almost makes it, but not quite and little mok slips out. Darn, I never have made it right round she said.


She puts little mok back in her pussy and starts to ride me again, more DFK. Next she sits bolt upright and with my cock still inside her, starts to rub her clit, after a while she says your turn, so I start to rub her clit and she's getting excited, she takes over and finishes herself off.


She has a little rest for a minute, then climbs off and commences CBJ.


She comes up for more DFK and says 69, I say why not, she climbs on top while she's swallowing my cock, I am eating her out. The juice just flows from her. After several minutes she climbs off, turns round and kisses me.


She looks at me and says what next? I say DATY, she says yes I'll never turn down oral, so for the next 10 minutes or so I was eating her out again.

She says you've spoiled me enough, now it's my turn to spoil you, she kisses me as we swap positions. Just as we swap the phone rings so she picks it up and says thanks.


Now she finishes me off with BJ. She cleans little mok up gives me another kiss.

We shower separately and get dressed.








Age 23


Height 5'2"


Hair Long dark


Body/Boobs 10 / B natural


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Yes



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