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Ramona May 09 Studio 54



Went to Studio 54, I wanted to catch up with Ramona, as I had met her a couple of times on my visits there and infact had had quite a long conversation with her on one occasion (15 -20 min). I did an intro with her just to make sure she provided the service I like. She comes into the little intro room, walks straight up to me, bends down and kisses me on the lips, then parks her sweet little bum next to me. We have a chat about this and that and what I would like in a service, all good, so on leaving the room she kisses me again, long and slow.


Receptionist comes in and says, how did you go, I say yes, Ramona for 1hr please. So out to reception we go she calls Ramona as I pay the $190 (anniversary discount) as she knows I'm an FIA member.


Ramona is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, swishing her red dress around, giving me the eye (god this lady knows how to flirt with you). I walk over to her and follow her up the stairs, with all the flirty ness continuing till we get to room no2 I think it was (it has a spa bath in it). She gives me another deep kiss and leaves me to shower.


I've just finished drying and am laying on the bed when she returns. She comes straight over bends down and kisses me her tongue is in my mouth, she now climbs across the top of me fully clothed and drags her dress down across my body and little mok. Little mok is loving the attention and is standing to attention himself. I look down; he looks like an American Indian wigwam with her dress going over him.


Ramona now removes her dress and puts a condom on little mok and starts giving me a cbj with her kneeling to the side of my chest. She has still got her knickers and shoes on, I gently fondle her pussy through her nickers and slowly move them to one side and have a little play. She now decides it's time they came off. Once shoes and nickers are off its into the 69 with her on top. We just eat each other for the next few minutes.


After a while she turns round and starts playing with my nipples gently rubbing them with her fingers and sucking on them, she moves up a little further, we start kissing again, she now lowers herself down onto little mok for some cowgirl, which she seems to be enjoying, I just gently caress her body as she rides up and down very slowly, She now lowers her face down and kisses me again, are tongues meeting halfway. Ramona has got a beautiful pair of nipples, absolutely lovely to dine on which she has allowed me to do.


She now climbs off and lays next to me, we kiss and fondle for a few minutes. I decide I'm going to pleasure her with some Daty, so as I get on all fours to position myself, she is having non of it, saying I can't receive without giving and with that turns herself round and slides underneath me for some more 69 with me on top this time.


A few minutes later she turns back round and we go for missionary, this goes on for quite a while with kissing, nipple sucking and more kissing. When I dismount I lay next to her. Ramona takes the condom off and rubs the end of little mok on her nipples.


The squeaky noise has just sounded so she sets about the task of finishing me by hand. It doesn't take long only a minute or so. She cleans me up and we lay there for a couple of minutes just talking, she gets up and goes for a shower and I have one after while she sorts the room.


Before we walk out, she kisses me again and I thank her. We go down to reception and say goodbye.





Age late 30's


Height 5'4"


Hair Red, Just past the shoulder in length.


Body/Boobs 8 - large A (natural)


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Yes absolutely, she is one very flirty and raunchy lady.


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