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Rockhampton Scam Escorts



Be careful in Rockhampton. Many of the escorts on E&B are bait and switch Asians. Some run multiple ads for the same escort and they are all different! Also many of them are "verified". They switch out the escort once verified. And stay away from Rockhampton Locanto. There are several scammers that will ask for a small "down payment" and then ask for the full amount before you arrive. When the client arrives at the address, no one is there. One tried to blackmail me when I refused to pay more. I sent proof of the deposit and they said my details from the bank reciept would be posted publicly (didn't happen).  


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Thanks for pointing that out. I have noticed this in a few places. The dead give away is when you text and they ask what town you’re in. That is a huge alarm bell that the person you are texting isn’t the girl in the add 

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You are right. I give it right back to them and ask what town they are in. They reply again asking what town I am in. This goes on for several rounds until the give up! The Asians usually have a "secreatary" or "boss" who manages them and understands English. This is the one who sends out the texts and they manage several escorts at once. Very illegal under the prostitution act.  

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Avoid Crackhampton escorts on E&B, Locanto and the rest. 90% are Asian scammers and the ones that aren't charge too much, some up to $700 per hour! Ridculous!


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I have written a few similar posts about the scam punting capital of the universe: Coffs Harbour . 
Do a search on Coffs Harbour and check it out 

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