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Danni April 09 Ladies for Gentlemen



I went round to LFG, with the sole purpose of catching up with Danni. I hadn’t booked, but just turned up and was hoping she would be available (this was a Saturday and Danni always works Saturday.


Was let in and asked who was working, receptionist gave me a list of 5 names which included Danni, all available. Do you want to intro theme she said, no need was my reply, I know them all, I’ll just book Danni for 1hr please.


With that sorted Danni comes out to see me, we greet each other have a little chat about how long it’s been since I last saw her etc. in actual fact it was about 14 months ago and I can still remember what we were talking about and remind her, she says yes, god you’ve got a good memory, which I have (so be warned ladies I do remember what you tell me) LOL.


Danni takes me up to her room and she starts to kiss me, this goes on for a minute or two, I say you’d better go or I’ll never get in that shower. At this point she releases me and says I won’t be long. I shower and have only just got out when Danni returns, she takes hold of a towel and starts to dry me, then she undresses, I don’t usually comment on a ladies size because it is unimportant to me, but Danni has lost a little weight and has toned up a bit since I last saw her and she looks fantastic.


She moves in close and starts to kiss me, my tongue exploring hers; the kissing is as good as I remember it to be. I gently caress her breasts with my hands (this lady has the best pair of natural boobs I’ve ever seen in the flesh, perfect size and shape for me).


Danni suggests that we get on the bed, so that’s what we do. We lay side by side, just kissing, deep long kisses with just the right amount of tongue involved, this goes on for quite a few minutes (as I love kissing and being kissed by a good kisser).


Now we start to fondle each other in intimate places, Danni gets a condom out puts it on me and starts cbj, she is good at this. After a while she starts to move her way back up and stops to play with my nipples on the way past, then more kissing.


Now it’s my turn to repay some of the pleasure, I kiss down her neck across her breasts and gently suck the nipples one after the other. Slowly move my way down her stomach to that beautiful place between her legs for a serious Daty session. Next to kissing I think this is my favourite thing to do, so after a couple of minutes, Danni starts telling me how good it feels (talk about making my head get bigger) and is gently moving around lightly moaning which gets louder as time goes on (12 – 15 minutes) and ends with an intense orgasm for her.


I crawl back up and we start kissing again, she now sits up changes the condom, then climbs on for some cowgirl, we change position to missionary and finally doggie and after 3 or 4 minutes in the doggie position, I have one of those rare moments for me, I come whilst wearing a condom.


We separate and I lay on my back, while Danni cleans us up. She then snuggles in close and we spend the last few minutes just talking.


Buzzer time and Danni just turns to me and starts that deep passionate kissing with tongue again, (there is something about laying on your back, not necessarily being pinned down but being laid upon and being kissed). After a minute or so, I tell her she had better stop, otherwise I might have to book another hour. She smiles at me and gets up. So it’s the usual stuff, showers, get dressed, tidy room etcetera.


We hug and kiss again before we leave the room, back down at reception, I get offered the usual mints, then she kisses me again and opens the door and lets me out, as I walk up the passage way, she says see you again soon, I turn smile and say yes.





Age Late 30’s


Height 5’ 5"


Hair Long blonde


Body/Boobs 10 large C (natural)


Pussy Shaven



Would I see her again? Yes.


I’ve actually seen Danni a few times, but this was the first time in over a year.





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