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Has anyone taken an escort to a wedding




I would have loved to have taken a sexy escort to a wedding and watched all the men feel envious of me.

We would have acted outrageously. Can anyone share of a time where they did this?

it would have been awedsome

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Many years ago I accompanied a lady to a wedding. The deal was she’d pay me $100 for me to be her guest at the wedding. There was to be no sexual encounter. She was a bit older than me. I just thought she didn’t want to go to the wedding by herself. For me it was easy money until her ex-husband and teenage son came and started hassling me. I was embarrassed and didn’t want any drama. The woman and I started to leave. The ex was pissed and he followed us out of the reception centre. There was some pushing and shoving and I eventually hit him. The other guests broke it up. We managed to get in the woman’s car. As we drove away she was laughing and slapping the steering wheel. It turned out she wanted to bring some young guy as she knew that would upset her ex. She tipped me $10 ( my weekly wage was about $130) Sadly it put an end to my career as a gigolo. 
I was at a wedding in Thailand where a farang guy brought a six foot katoy as his guest. She was a stunner I was jealous. 
Oh, and I remember she gave me a cover story about our relationship. But no one asked me.

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I went to a wedding reception many years ago and one of the guests clearly was accompanied by an escort. Her attire was utterly sensational, side slits up to her armpits, huge fake breasts barely held in her dress, stripper shoes (clear plastic with enormous stilletto heels).


My wife kept telling me to stop staring and put my tongue back into my mouth. 


I  was acquainted with the guy and he got me to act as accountant for a brothel.



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