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Tina March 09 Ladies for Gentlemen



Called into LFG to see who was working. Only two working, both available, so was taken to the usual bedroom for the intros.


First one in was Eva, very pretty girl with long black hair, 27 years old. I asked about what I could and couldn’t do, all good until we got to kissing, only light kissing, no tongue.


Second one came in, her name was Tina, we said hello to each other, then I realised I had met her before while I was waiting for somebody else a while ago, I remind her of it and she remembered and said, that’s right, it was around Christmas time, I said that’s right.


We’ll anyway, she told me her service was very simular to the ladies that I was waiting for on that day back in December. I said do you kiss? Yes was the reply. With tongue? I ask? Yes she said. 2 out of 2 that’s good enough for me I thought. She said to me, you won’t be disappointed. I smile and say OK. She then asks if I want a drink, OJ please was my answer. She goes of to get it and the receptionist comes back in and says, how did you go? Tina 1hr please.


So the receptionist takes me back to reception to pay and Tina is told the good news that she gets to stay with me for an hour.


Tina hands me my drink and takes me upstairs to the blue room which she informs me is her favourite. She does the usual thing and leaves me to shower.


She’s very quick at coming back as I’ve only just finished showering, so she takes the towel and dries me.


Once I’m dry she starts to kiss me, with tongue, this lady is a nice kisser. After a few minutes of fondling and kissing, she asks me to sit on the end of the bed. She puts a condom on me and kneels between my legs and starts to give me a blow job which is nice.


After a few minutes she says, lets retire to the bed. We lay facing each other, some more of that nice kissing. Breasts are next. They get fondled, caressed, licked and sucked. I start moving down, then suddenly realise I hadn’t asked if oral was ok, so ask her. She said, yes it is and thankyou for asking.


She informs me how she likes it and so I set about the task of giving her pleasure. Gentle and slow was what she wanted and gentle and slow was what she got and only a couple of minutes into it you can tell she is enjoying it, gently moaning, running her fingers through my hair. She wiggles her clit around on my tongue so as to give herself maximum pleasure. This goes on for 10min or more. She then lets out a few gasps for breath and rolls on her side.


I crawl up the bed by her back and lie down and gently kiss her shoulder. After a minute or so she turns towards me, we kiss and she says, can you put it in, I really like doing it straight after oral. Off course I said.

I’ve still got the condom on from the BJ and am still erect so it’s straight into missionary. Now I’m not sure if she came from the oral or if it just got too much for her but I do know she came in missionary.


I withdraw and we lay facing each other, more DFK and a little chat. Little Mok has now gone soft so Tina removes the condom and puts some life back into him by hand, puts another condom on and starts BJ again, cowgirl next with lots of DFK, then we try spooning, I like doing it while spooning, always seems very intimate to me.


I now lie on my back, Tina removes the condom and sets about finishing me by hand, this is done fairly quickly. A quick clean up and we just lay back and talk, her head resting on my shoulder. I can always tell when I’ve enjoyed being in the W/L’s company because I get the feeling I could lay there for a while just talking but as always the buzzer puts paid to that.


So it’s shower time, her first and then me. Once we are dressed and the room sorted, it’s time to leave. We embrace each other and kiss; I say you were right; I wasn’t disappointed at all, thankyou. She says, thankyou, I look forward to seeing you again, I say yes, that would be nice.


With that she leads me back down the stairs to the exit, I say goodbye to the receptionist on my way past as Tina offers me some mints. I always end up with 4 or 5 on my way out. Tina opens the door, gives me a kiss and we say goodbye.


Tina has gone on my list of W/L’s that if she was for example the only one available I wouldn’t hesitate to book.





Age late 30’s - early 40's


Height 5’ 4"


Hair Brown, about shoulder length.


Body/Boobs 8 - large A or small B (Natural)


Pussy Shaven.


Would I see her again? The answer is quite simple, Yes.






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