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I read in 'The Advertiser', the other day, about how destructive condoms are to the environment.


STI's and pregnancies are on the increase across Australia and other countries, even with the covid lock down.


After some investigations by various health departments around the world, it turns out that condoms are bad for the ecology and the health of the planet. They do not break down, and are a danger to wildlife.


It appears that there is a concerted effort by on-line ecological activist web sites to ban the use of condoms to save the planet from further pollution


It appears that the spreading of STIs and unwanted pregnancies is a small price to pay to save the planet. No matter that a few more million babies will do a lot more harm to the planet in the long run.


It seems that there are three alternative condoms on the market. Two only partially breakdown, still making them unsuitable ecologically. The other is made of sheep skin. It gives no protection against STIs, and is shunned by vegans, ( I am not making this up). And this practice is embraced across the globe by men and women eco warriors. 


But it also has another downfall. 


Men around the world have cottoned to this new ecological movement, even though they think it is nonsense. They have now become quasi eco warriors, so that they now have an excuse not to wear a condom, and insist that the woman also goes along with the, "Lets do our bit to save Mother Earth". Regardless of their beliefs.


It also seems that this new band of quasi eco warriors are also demanding the same when visiting WLs. 


If you wish to further read about this new phenomenon, just go line and have a look. It's an eye opener


We are certainly living in strange times



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Yeah fair enough it's good on a 'save the planet' level but to ask a WL to do it based on that as an excuse is just weak and I hope no one goes along for it.

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Yeah, Just an excuse for men not to wear a condom. Hopefully It does not happen. 

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The millions of RAT tests would be far worse than the rubbers - BUT both are important to human life, so we'll keep using both.


And yeah.... those sheep condoms?  Ewwwwwwwwww

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Most condoms are latex, which should break down fairly quickly.

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54 minutes ago, bushmaster said:

Most condoms are latex, which should break down fairly quickly.

Hopefully not during the act of sexual intercourse !

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2 minutes ago, john78x said:

Hopefully not during the act of sexual intercourse !


Thankfully I'm yet to have one break. 


I just checked with Google and the problem with latex condoms is that they have things added to them to make them stronger and that results in them taking a long time to break down. They also turn into small particles so that they might look like they are gone, they are still around. So definitely put them in the garbage.

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Yeah, garbage is the ONLY safe place. One well known sex shop, had plumbing problems. In the end, the plumber had to do some heavy duty clearing. And what did he find? Masses of condoms the girls had been flushing down the toilet. Lolz. So yeah, in the garbage only. 

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