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Lauren hotpix February 09 Private



Lauren was a lady I had wanted to meet for ages; I think her name Lauren hotpix is just about right; she certainly looks hot in those pictures.


I first contacted her by e-mail back in September of last year about when she would be visiting Melbourne next. I got the reply back of when it would be, but as the time came closer it became apparent for personal reasons that I wouldn’t be able to catch up with her, so e-mailed her to say I wouldn’t be able to make it, but please let me know when you know you’ll be here next time.


Same thing happened next time, just couldn’t get the alignment right. So now we’re into January, saw Lauren advertising a tour on FIA to Perth I think it was and noticed she had a new website, so naturally had a look at it and saw she had Febs tour dates up with 2 days in Melbourne 16th and 17th, now I know I can make both these dates in the evening so e-mail her saying so. She replies, how about 16th. I reply to her saying, couldn’t be better. So now all I’ve got to do is wait a month or so.


With about 4 days to go I e-mailed her to see if it was still on. Yes no problems but need mobile no was the reply. With that sorted it was back to waiting.


I had arranged for this lovely lady to meet me in a hotel in the CBD. The time arrives. When I open the door, there is Lauren smiling and saying hello, she comes in and we get a little acquainted with each other. She’s also brought a bottle of pink champagne with her; we open it and have a drink. She then retires to the bathroom and comes out wearing a matching set of blue underwear with heels. This is when you can tell that the Lauren standing in front of you is definitely the Lauren in the pictures, the body is even better in the flesh.


We have a little bit of a chat and a drink, refill our glasses and retire to the bedroom. We undress and get on the bed. She asks me what I like, what ever you want to do was my reply, she looks at me and makes some comment about sticking something up my arse.


What is it with W/L’s, me and my arse and them wanting to stick something in it? Anything but that, it’s out of bounds, was my reply, good she said, so is mine.


She starts to play with little mok, who is a bit reluctant to start. So she gets this large toy out, lubes it up and gives it to me so I can insert it into her and have a play, this goes on for about 5mins. Now little mok is revved up and raring to go.


She gets a condom out and gives me a cbj which is good, she then works her way up and plays with my nipples and then moves up further and puts her breasts in my face. I haven’t mentioned it yet but Lauren’s breasts are enhanced. I’m not a great lover of enhanced breasts, but I will have to say that she has the best enhanced boobs I have ever seen in the flesh with nice big nipples poking out, very suck able and so have to indulge for a while.


She then decides its reverse cowgirl, cowgirl then missionary, which I change to me kneeling with her legs up and bent over my shoulders.

We then separate and I ask if I can do some daty. She lays on the bed in front of me with her legs open and I start to feast. It’s not long before she is squirming around and becoming very wet and making a few moaning noises which get louder and then subside. I thought that was it and just had a last couple of licks before I was going to stop and bang I must have touched the right spot for she gasped and we were away again now this time was more intense than the last, there was a lot more moaning and groaning going on with her starting to pant as well and as she came she shut her legs on my head almost crushing my ears.


We laid back for a bit and just talked.


Now she starts on me again with the cbj, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy. She now removes the condom and starts finishing me by hand and sucking and licking my nipples at the same time. Her hand technic is good and I don’t last long. A clean up and she says, would you like a massage, I say, why not. Now this girl’s massaging skills are good, very good infact and I wouldn’t be suprised if she has had some sort of formal training at it.


After that we lay back for a chat. She asks me where I lived in England and what brought me to Australia. She tells me about when she lived in England and other countries and what she was doing. We talk for quite a while a bit of personal stuff as well. Then she goes for a shower and I have one after, we dress, but are still talking and when we finally say goodbye to each other, I notice the time, the ronde voir has lasted 40min longer that the 2hr booking. So, definitely not a clock watcher.


I don’t know if you noticed, but there is no mention of kissing, when we first met she came close as to kiss me, then changed direction at the last second and put her head along side mine. This happened at least 4 times during are stay together, at the time, I just got the impression that she didn’t want to kiss me, but looking back, almost a month later as I’m writing this, I can’t help wondering if it was her way of getting me to ask about kissing because if it was a case of not wanting to kiss somebody, you wouldn’t go in close 4 times like that.

I have since read somewhere that you are supposed to tip Lauren in advance to get the best out of her! Maybe that’s what she was hinting at?



Anyway I had a good time with Lauren; she is fun, very bubbly, and a good talker. She also has one smoking hot body, which is what attracted me in the first place, but what was a good time, could have been a great time with kissing involved, and that would have definitely made me see her again.




Age Early 30’s


Height 5’ 5"


Hair Long blonde


Body/Boobs 8-10 tanned - D (enhanced)


Pussy trimmed/manicured



Would I see her again?


Yes definitely if kissing was involved, if not, not sure, probably would but wouldn’t go too far out of my way.



Just as a comparison this was on the Monday. On the following Saturday I flew to Sydney and met up with a SWEET young lady who advertises on here for about the same price and what was missing from this encounter was included and more.





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