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I'm one of these poor old boys on a loser every time but I am not complaing just sorry for the worker 

Okay I have a sexless marriage  no sex with the misses for 10yrs  but she is a good woman again no complaints. I have my own room she has hers.

5 yrs ago I had major surgery  in the lower gut area, and after this ole Percy didn't work too well as in flacid to porky and that's it. Even with Viagra calis  etc i get just under a semi with an injection i get just over a semi but not firm enough for sex. I don't even try to pick up a woman because I don't want to disappoint  and yes my hand finger and oral are good( so I have been told) . I can still sum but only about 40% of the time as sometimes my feelings down there switch off

So my question to you ladies how do you handle guys as fuked as me lol, I went to a couple of ladies who offered full service one of the ladies after telling me she could raise the dead looked so disappointed she offered me 50%back 

SO ladies any tips 



Yours hopefully  MV limp D 😂😂😂😁

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At my age I do not always get it up and that is never an issue with any escort I have seen. I simply let her know that is no reflection on her. A woman has so many ways of giving pleasure to a man that I can still enjoy my booking and she cn do those things that are within her boundaries and comfort zone. A booking can still be a win-win for both of you without penetration.


Do not worry about penetration on her account. 


My 2 cents

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Geez, that sucks mate.

Maybe post your question in Ask a WL a question, any question?

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