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Do you accept bookings from younger clients ?

Scarlett B Wilde


On 13/04/2020 at 11:37 AM, FrancoCozzo1935 said:

Do you accept bookings from younger punters - ie 18 year olds? Or would you refrain due to age gap making it feel a little awkward, or maybe attitudes from younger men?



Oohhhh the attraction of the MILF !
The desirable Mature Woman.

I get asked this question alot and am working on a blog about this attraction, yet in this blog I'll speak to a situation that happened with a young lad around a year ago.
NAMES* have being changed to respect the privacy of those involved:

Michael* called me from the comfort of his Northern Beaches home. The polite and charming tone of his deep Barry White baritone was delicious to listen to. Intoxicating even. He asked the question I've been asked many times in my career. " Do you see younger guys ? ".
"How young is young sweetheart ?" I shoot back. 
" I'm 20" he replies with a voice that belongs in a Mills & Boon romance audio-book.
" You're legal. I've no problems .... You ? ".
" Great ... I'd like to see you at 7pm if I can ?"
" Actually .. I can do 8:30pm if that works for you ? "
" I can" he replies.  

We work out the details and 8:30pm comes around sooner than later. I must say that when I open the door, I am.... shocked. His baby face is... a little difficult to see in the darkness, hence I usher him inside for better light. Wow !!  My heart drops into my lungs. I tell you fellas. I can be the filthiest bitch you need me to be, yet his red flushed face looks all of 14 !!  Four fucking Teen !

You know.. when I'm grinding my pussy juices all over his face, I don't want to have to then have to spit on a bit of tissue and wipe clean his face. While he's nibbling on my nipples with his eyes rolled back like a great white shark, I don't desire to feel the need to 'burp' him afterwards ?!?!   He looks kike a baby !

I ask him how's he going and his smooth baritone voice does not cut it this time. Damn I think. It's him. I ask for identification. Michael passes me his drivers license. I ethically cover his address with my thumb in front of him and look at the birth date . Fuck !  He is 20 !! Is it a fake ID. No... Damn.

And so my dilemma begins.

Seriously, he doesn't look a day over 14 and here stands a ..... young man, who's travelled at least 40 mins to get to me. Ready to roll.
To be honest, if I knew what he looked like I wouldn't of agreed to the 'step mom' fantasy ... ohhh... ?!?!  .. Didn't I mention that bit ?  Farrrrkkkkk  !!  I agreed to the fantasy bit, but this ?! shit just got real ... Hahahahahahaha...

Still... My mind races at a hundred miles an hour to figure out what do I do ?  I'm off put by his very youthful appearance and yet I did agree, and the poor guy has come a hell of a way. So ... He clearly doesn't see his youthful looks like I do and it feels unfair to punish someone based on how they look. 
A thought hits my consciousness "Suck it up Princess. It's a fantasy booking. The dirty mom in the ultimate porn show". I can do that !  I decide to go through with the booking.
So we're 20 mins into the booking and details aside I'm able to help the proceedings along with doggie style. In the heat of passion I direct my young stud to " insert a finger in your mom's tight little arsehole ! ". Being the dutiful young actor he is he obliges.  
" Hey I think ... I'm actually enjoying myself. Actually he could ... "
" Scarlett ?!  ... " he speaks in an unfamiliar tone. 
A thought hits my head. C'mon this is roleplay. get into it. " What's that son ?!" I say as I turn my head around to see the most dumbfounded look on his face. I squint my eyes.
He then shoves his index finger centimetres away from my face, and all becomes apparent. Michael speaks in uncertain terms " Ummm... this happened ... what do I do ? ".
I know Michael what happened I can smell it. My young porn star actor has presented me with a delightful choc top on the end of his index finger.
All of a sudden this 'dirty step mom' roleplay just got real. I'm now his Actual Fucking Mother !! I'm in a state of disarray as did I clean myself before I began, and yet here I am doing the motherly duties... gezzzz...!!

I grab a wet wipe from my bed side table, and soon we're back into it ...
The rest of the booking is delightful and time is enjoyed by both. I've seen Michael about twice after that, and now ... he's probably got it out of his system. 
So while I feel that I could of prepared better as a professional, I'll also state as a professional I'm proud that I was able to give a young man the experience he desired- despite the initial difficulties.

So Franco... to answer your question. I enjoy fucking young men, I just ask these men to have the maturity to consider the reality of the situation as opposed to all fantasy. And hopefully with me ... enjoy a laugh as well.



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