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A Deeper Understanding.



Scarlett B Wilde

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On 12/03/2020 at 3:00 PM, Tuatara said:

Something interesting today. After finishing a session with a WL at a FS place, she asked (in poor English) "more tip". Just to make sure I heard it correctly I asked "what did you say". So she repeated "more tip". Admittedly this session was awesome and I am about to complete the review.


My question is; is this the norm? Is that an expectation of WL's? Has anyone else encountered this?


Would any of you ladies reading this ask for extra as a result of a great session? 


So this is a very interesting question and I'd ask others to read back to original post to read the replies of others yet this sounds very much like a survivalist worker- despite whether it's a 'legal' brothel or not- I believe it's irrelevant because what we're talking about here is 'Privilege'. Both of worker and client.

I note that firstly - I'll name my privilege in this situation. I certainly wouldn't work for $150 - 250 per hour, because 

a. ) I'm a white / Caucasian educated woman ( at rate you'd probably believe I'm a fake, and I'm an Asian anyway )

b. ) I've studied ( worked over 9+) for sex work for over 6+ years ( somatic practises, sexological bodiwork, therapy practices, first aid, massage, kink / BDSM )


I see that Cara brought up some very valid and almost exact points I'd make yet I'd like to state that she too maybe be privileged and not see the situation for what it is. 


The worker on topic has minimal English skills, which would lead me to believe that her abilities to study or even access to education is limited. Those that are international students are charged $8500 per semester at university vs an Australian citizen that is charged $1500. So she's already on the back foot. Not only is her earning capacity a lot lower than mine, she's charged more for the privilege to exit this lower wage through the education systems.


This lack of education would them limit her ability to understand or comprehend the very legalities that Cara pointed out.


Now let's look at the legalities of the brothel worker ( illegal or not ). 
The workers in this situation are not getting all the monies handed over. A split of 60 -40 would be the norm, especially for a worker that can't negotiate in the same circumstances.  So of the $150 she receives $60 per hour. Not a bad wage you'd argue, yet wait !! .... there's more. 
She'll be charged a room or shift fee. Yes crazy yet if I want a worker to stay for the full 10-12hr shift this is a great way to do so, so I'll charge $80-120 for the shift. So now she has to see two clients just to cover that fee but wait !!!  .... there's more.

Most likely, again due to lack of education she won't know that the establishment has to provide the tools of the trade condoms, lube, or even towels. They probably make them do laundry as well. So lets say $20 per shift. 

So let's say for the shift she does she sees 6 clients. Not bad huh ? 6 x $60 = $360 for the day. That's $1800 for the workday week. 
wait ... there's the penalties applied 120 x 5 days = $500. So the total becomes $1300 plus the utilities 5 x $20 = $100, so now we're down to $1200 p/week.
I mean.. come on .... Not such a bad wage until you think that she's not an employee ?!  Yet there's still the tax.

So... there's no superannuation, sick pay, annual leave NO PRIVILEGES at ALL !  Plus she's working 60+ hours a week. Imagine how you'd feel after 3 months of 60hr weeks. The stress would lead to ill health, take a day off ?!  Well... that's coming out of my pay. Wait... I don't receive any ?


This may surprise you guys yet it's not always busy. Shock Horror !!   I just made a sum of 6 clients a day. What happens if it falls to 3 ?  or even 0 for a couple of days ? She's literally made no money for the week, that's a loss of $600 out of the week. You can see how getting that education we spoke about is near impossible huh ?  What about an English language course ?  What after a 10-12hr shift ? Nothing ventured nothing gained and yet you could see how difficult it would be, oh wait .... I'd need to pay for that wouldn't I ?

Then the kicker. What about STD. If she picked up something like say ... Chlamydia .  Very popular. A course of antibiotics would take a week to work and then she'd need to wait a week to get retested to make sure it's gone ( most people forget that part, hence that's two weeks off !! ) on the wage or no wage she's on ?  No way.. I'll keep working and hence BAM !!!  She starts infecting clients. 
Now I'll state as a Privileged worker this is disgusting to treat a client this way, yet what choice does she really have ?  
I can afford to take two weeks of hence the phrase ' When governments regulate, the price goes up' True guys. yet so does your physical health !  This girl has to work really hard ( more clients ) meaning she infects more and more... It's just a vicious cycle that most likely the worker' cops all the blame yet no one looks at the environment she finds herself in and offers help.
The brothel could certainly do more to help her, yet they won't because they know they can get away from it. If clients complain about her, like say .. " ohh... she's asking for tips", they push her along and get someone else to join the grinder. She now has no income.


Which leads to the 'extras / tip ' process.

You guys now may see why brothel workers add extras or ask for tips. It's because it's the only money the brothel doesn't get a cut of. It helps keep someone from falling through the gaps.


I'm not going to turn this into a pricing thread. Fuck that. I just invite you clients to consider when you're paying $150 per hour just what you may actually be contributing to. Most likely a brothels 3rd mortgage and a burnt out, and frustrated worker. I'm not shaming you for your choices. I just like to offer a voice to those that may not be able to speak up.

Personally I'd like to see more Asian service providers in these forums instead of a privileged worker such as myself on their behalf, yet the education boundaries we spoke of in the first paragraphs may lead to an understanding why they do not. 




PS. I've made this a Blog entry so those of you that wish to comment may -  It's here-

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Scarlett B Wilde


Thanks Jason. Appreciated babe.

I'll note that a member mentioned I didn't count the time of the month. OOppppsss...

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