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Sharna February 09 Private



Had the opportunity to meet up with Sharna for a couple of hours in the evening, which was too good to miss.


So driving down the Nepean Highway towards the city in a taxi, which if on time would have got me to are rendezvous point with ten minutes to spare. What happens, the bloody taxi breaks down, I can’t believe it. Friday evening, 6.20 PM broken down at Brighton. Driver radios through for a replacement, it’ll be about 5min he says. 25mins later still hasn’t turned up, so I message Sharna explaining the situation and apologising because I’m going to be late. She texts back not to worry. 6.50 PM the replacement turns up. So now I’m going to be 20min late. The new driver gets lost and goes the wrong way, so in the end I’m almost ½hr late.


When we finally meet, I can’t get over how pretty she is, I’ve only seen some blurred pictures of her and the legs in fishnets she had on her avatar once, she’s a real stunner and it makes me a little uneasy being with her. We sit down and have a talk about FIA, where I come from, a bit of her background etc. One thing I do like about her is her personality, and the little giggly laugh, just loved it.


Anyway, after a couple of smokes (her not me), and a brush up, its payment time and into the bedroom. She comes in and takes her underwear off and gets on the bed with me, she can sense there is something not quite right, what’s the matter she says. I say, just a little nervous being in your company, she says why, I say, don’t know really, maybe it’s you being an FIA legend and all that. What’s that got to do with it? She said. I said just maybe I’m a little bit in awe of you. At this point she thought I was being rude until I explained what it meant.


With are chat out the way she gives me a kiss and starts teasing little mok, he soon responds, she then says what would you like? I say, I’ll leave it up to you, what ever you want to do, she holds her middle finger out straight and looks at me and smiles, I say, anything except that. Then I ask her what she likes, she says I like to see my client smile, so I smile at her, she says not that type of smile. She confused me a bit with saying that but I didn’t follow it up and ask what she meant. She takes a condom out and gives me a CBJ, love the way she looks at you while doing this. After a few minutes she comes up for some more kissing and sticks those beautiful breasts in my face (talk about a kid in a lolly factory).


She then gets into the squat position and does this for a while. One thing I must say is that Sharna is quite vocal in that she seems to be always talking or commentating on what’s going on. It’s your turn she says, so we go for some doggy. After a while I said I’d like to do some DATY. She says, I might just have to lay back and enjoy this.

I think she enjoyed it because it stopped her from talking for 10 or 15 mins and she made the right noises at the end.


I lay on my back; she kisses me and offers her breasts for me to play with again. After a little while she removes the condom and goes for finishing me off by hand. Now I’d already pre warned her, that once a condom is put on me 9 times out of 10 I will go the full distance and have to be finished by hand. She sets about the task of finishing me off, but little mok has other ideas, he just does not want to fire. She is working hard on my behalf and it required some serious nipple play and bitting from her to get me to finish.


After I’d come and was coming back to reality, she suddenly said, that’s the smile, that’s what I like. With her saying that I realise what she is talking about. I have a faint grin of contentment on my face.


Now it’s time for a shower and get dressed.

When I come out of the bathroom it suddenly becomes clear that I have made myself look a prate by paying her a $100 less than we agreed. Sorry Sharna, it really was a mistake.


Anyway she forgave me and I spent the next 15 min talking to her. Now it’s time for use to part company, we kiss and cuddle and she says you can see me again if you like, I said yes I’d like that.


I had the opportunity to see her this week but unfortunately I attacked my thumb with a Stanley knife, which now has one serious looking cut on it bandaged up, so I had to miss out because it has put me out of punting till its mended.




Age early 30’s


Height 5’ 8"


Hair black almost to shoulder length.


Body size 10 nicely tanned and toned.


Boobs C (natural).


Pussy shaven


Would I see her again? Yes, almost did, if it wasn’t for a Stanley knife.


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