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Come Dine on Me



After a night out with a great mate of mine – and perhaps a couple of beers too many – we started discussing the difference between guys and girls and their approaches to sex.  I argued that girls were just as sexually driven as guys, and he of course argued the opposite.  When an argument is fuelled by alcohol, objectivity is almost always absent.  I forget who it was who threw down the gauntlet, but one of us challenged the other to prove their opinion with a real-life demonstration.  And that was how this whole amazing experience started.


I took up the challenge to say I could prove it easily, and my mate – let’s just call him Les (after Sir Les Patterson) had to help arrange it.  Les agreed and we proceeded to make the arrangements over the next week or so.  Given the challenge I was going to take, it took next to no time for Les to organise all the various details to make it happen.


I have always been fascinated by what guys love about glory holes.  The anonymity of the person on the other side of a hole in the wall, sucking away at their cock and blowing their load into that stranger’s mouth.  I had asked Les to turn this scenario on its head.  I wanted to be in a hotel room, blindfolded, legs spread wide, and one after another a whole procession of guys would take turns licking me out.  No cock, just tongue.


The day arrived and we booked into the hotel room.  It was one of those palatial rooms where there was the bedroom, but there were also huge adjoining lounge and dining areas.  Although it could be argued that the real dining was going to take place in the bedroom.  This was to avoid raising suspicion from hotel staff and guests about a whole queue of guys heading into a room from the hallway.  After a couple of hours, everything was ready – there was a clear runway leading from the lounge room into the bedroom and out into the dining room to aid in the flow of guys, there was a tarp laid down on the bed to preserve the sheets and prevent any evidence from being left, there were beers and nibbles on the dining table, I was in my teeny weeny black dress with absolutely no knickers on, and I was ready with the blindfold.


No sooner had we gotten all the prep done when the doorbell rang (yes, it was one of those hotels where there was a doorbell for the suites).  The first guy had arrived.  Next minute, another.  Then a steady stream.  And Les just kept saying “hello, welcome, get comfortable” over and over and over again.  I lost count, but there must have been about a dozen or more guys who turned up.  I couldn’t tell because I was hiding in the bedroom with the door closed.  After the doorbell had stopped ringing, I heard Les brief the guys on what they were allowed to do and not do.  Then a knock on the door and he yelled out “you ready, gorgeous?”.  My heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest, but I was excited and ready.  I got comfortable on the bed, pulled down the blindfold, and yelled out “sure am!”


I was wet even before the first guy came through the door.  As he approached, my heart was pounding so hard I could have sworn the guests in the next suite were going to file a noise complaint.  Next thing I know, his tongue was licking me.  Not directly on my pussy, but just my inner thighs running up to my pussy then pulling away, heightening my anticipation all the way.  In a way it was torture, but in a way, it was making my pussy drip.  Then suddenly there it was, that lovely sensation of tongue on my labia.  Oh god it was fantastic.  He lapped away, slurping up my juices, occasionally flicking my clit.  My anticipation had been so overwhelming that before long, I was raising my hips to his mouth and asking him to eat me.  He obliged.  And between flicking my clit and inserting his tongue into my pussy, he was driving me wild.  And the first shudders of my first orgasm took over.


No sooner had I stopped bucking from my first “big O” when the second guy was at it.  This guy didn’t wait to do the whole inner thigh thing.  I could tell this guy was a burger man.  He ate my pussy like it was the last pussy on earth.  Lick, suck, like, suck, tongue fuck, lick, suck … it was heaven.  Then he must have been tapped off as the next guy started.  This one was a kinky boy.  Not only did he eat my pussy with gusto, he tongue fucked my arse like he was digging for gold.  Normally, I’m the one doing the rimming, but this guy knew how to really fuck my arse with his tongue.  By now, both my holes were tingling so bad I knew I was going to cum again soon.  So, when kinky stuck his tongue straight from my arse into my pussy, bang!  I came.  I came hard.  So hard that I squirted.  And the guttural groan of delight from him told me he loved it.


Next guy was more sensual.  He licked my pussy to soothe it from the tingling sensation of the orgasm.  He took his time, just savouring my sweet juices, occasionally brushing his tongue down to my arse.  He asked me if I wanted more than just his tongue.  I said no cock, that was the deal.  He said he wasn’t thinking of cock.  I said ok.  Then I felt his finger slide into my pussy.  It felt great.  After a couple of minutes of finger fucking me while licking my clit, I felt a 2nd finger slide in.  A bit more of this and then his fingers curled upwards towards the front of my pussy and there it was, he found my g-spot.  A bit more of this and I knew the volcano was going to erupt.  Whoosh … there it was, squirt everywhere and I could feel the result on the tarp.  But “Fingers” didn’t stop there.  As I was bucking from the orgasm, he had deftly managed to slip a finger up my arse.  That just prolonged the orgasm as I had a wave on top of the wave and just kept rocking my hips up and down.

I could hear the silent muffled groans of satisfaction from the throng of guys who must be witnessing this.  Then I felt someone gently motion me onto my side and wondered what was going on.  Had I bucked that hard that I’d damaged a part of the bed?  I couldn’t see, so I could only guess.  But that sense of mystery lasted only a few seconds as I suddenly felt one tongue on my pussy and another one on my arse.  I was getting a double licking!  Oh my god, I’d never had that before!  And to say I’d never had that is saying something because I thought I’d done it all.  This pleasure was something else, it was different and oh so mind-blowingly arousing.  The double tongue fuck went on for a while only to be replaced by 2 fingers in my pussy, 1 finger up my arse and a tongue on my clit.  Needless to say, I was now in full flight and the sprinklers came on again.


What seemed like an endless procession of this happened over and over again over the next I don’t know how long.  But I figure about 15 guys must have licked me out – my pussy, my arse, fingered me in both holes, made me cum no less than a dozen times.  Finally, a guy came up to me and after some initial licking, I felt some lube being applied to my pussy.  I was that wet that I was sure I didn’t need lube for anything, but being blindfolded, I had no idea what he was up to.  Then I heard a buzzing sound and concluded that a vibrator of some sort was going to be used.  I then felt the amazing buzz on my clit.  But then I felt a finger up my pussy.  Then 2.  Then 3.  Then 4.  By this stage, I knew I was going to get fisted and suddenly, my arousal levels went through the roof.  And fist me he did.  He was gentle, he was experienced, and he was wonderful.  I loved how his hand filled up my pussy, and I was gradually riding the tide towards another orgasm when the vibrator left my clit and suddenly, I felt it up my arse.  Holy shit, that just hit the nitrous oxide and I hurtled uncontrollably towards another gusher.  And I couldn’t stop bucking for a good 10 seconds or more.  Oh wow!

I finally said “okay, no more! I can’t cum any more!” And with that, I heard the guys being ushered out of the bedroom by Les, and a few minutes later, I heard the suite door open and the guys departing.  Then Les opened the bedroom door and said, “they’re gone, you can take the blindfold off now, gorgeous.”  I took the blindfold off and surveyed the aftermath on the tarp.  My dress was soaked, and the tarp looked like a thunderstorm had passed.  I winked at Les and then went on all fours and started to lick up all that bodily fluid that covered the tarp.  And after I’d done lapping it all up, I looked at Les and said “well?  Do you believe me now when I say that women are just as sexually driven as men?”


Les’ head shake and silence said more than any word he could utter.

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Reading this I felt myself in that room with you. Thank you for such a beautifully graphic and real recount.

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Bloody hell, that is one helluva write up!  Geez you're one smoking chic!

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“ I winked at Les and then went on all fours and started to lick up all that bodily fluid that covered the tarp.“. 

This was the line that finally made me explode.  This salacious act is the true sign of an unrivalled & legendary ‘cumslut’.  More please Paris...you are a star! 

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19 hours ago, Boater said:

keep in mind this blog entry is from Feb 2020, not Feb 2021

Yes, some of us got way too excited. Hopefully we will hear and see more of the incomparable Paris in 2021. 

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Hi Paris, Hope you are well. May I know if you are providing incall escort services? Thanks.

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