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Blow White and the Seven Knobs ...



Okay, I’ll admit it, I watch porn.  In fact, lots of women do … they just don’t openly admit it.  But I’m secure enough in my identity to admit the fact that I enjoy all aspects of sex, including watching others perform it.  And one of the genres I really enjoy are the parodies, and even more so the ones that take the piss out of really successful animated movies.  And then a stroke of brilliance hit me … why not create my own porn parody?

With that in mind, I set about gathering my own “cast” to help me make my dream a reality.  So it was that after a couple of weeks, I finally had enough “co-stars” for my own production of an animated favourite originally released in the 1930’s.  Only thing was I didn’t have 7 dwarfs but rather 7 very healthy knobs with me!  And just like the 7 dwarfs, my guys all had the exact personalities to match.  There was the Doc who was a real-life doctor in a hospital.  There a Grumpy bastard whom I’ve known for the longest time.  There was a guy who was always Happy to see me, along with his brother who was always Sleepy from partying all night all the time.  Of course, there would be a Bashful one but he never took too much coaxing to get his gear off around me.  And lastly there was Dopey (because he always had a joint with him) and his mate Sneezy who always had a credit card (but not for purchases).

The day came when I could finally fulfil my fantasy and had the guys all together in a hotel room at the end of town.  I was dressed in the skimpiest of nurses’ outfits and mine was particularly special to me as it was a latex one gifted to me by an old friend.  After a few drinks and banter, I took the lead and got up to the other room where I had already placed a tarp on the floor in preparation for festivities.  The boys knew exactly what to do and they just trailed me into the room and surrounded me.  Before long, all of them had dropped their strides and a couple already had raging boners.  Which I ignored, of course.  I just started playing with the other ones to wake them up.

After several minutes of just grabbing all the wonderful cock I could grab my hands on, I dropped to my knees and started to suck on one.  Then another, and another and another.  It didn’t take me long to get 7 tasty knobs all standing to attention all around me.  I started to suck on two at once, and a couple of the boys decided to reach down and play with my pussy and arse.  I’d gone commando, so it was immediate pleasure for me.  The more they rubbed me, the more rabid I got as I sucked their cocks.  Then one of them slid a finger into my pussy and the levels went up again.  At the rate this was going, I was sure one of the guys was going to cum soon.

All this frantic activity had seen a couple of the guys lie down for me to suck on their cock and raise my butt up.  Of course, Bashful wasn’t too bashful with this outcome to miss an opportunity and proceeded to slide a finger in my arse.  The sensation was so divine and wonderful that I started to really suck hard on Happy’s cock.  Trust me, he was already happy and this obviously made him delighted!  Next thing you know, he’s blown in my mouth.  O happy day!  Seeing Happy cum in my mouth set off a chain reaction and next thing you know, Sneezy was cumming all over my face.  Then Dopey grabbed me and started face fucking me.  Between that and Bashful finger fucking my arse, I couldn’t hold on anymore and started cumming myself.  I even squirted a bucketload.  Thankfully I had that tarp down!

After the wave of that orgasm settled, Grumpy called out “all right, you slut, my turn” and demanded some action.  But Doc yelled out “hey wait a minute, I need my cock sucked by this whore too!”.  So, the answer was simple.  I obliged by doing a back-and-forth between their two cocks, sucking them like they were the last lollipops on earth.  As I felt them both reach their point of no return almost at the same time, I begged them to shower my face with it.  My face was already soaked from Sneezy’s cum, but I wanted more.  And they obliged.  Both of them lost their loads all over me and I was literally drowned in cum but loving every second of it.  I could feel not only their cum running down my face, but I knew my mascara was streaking down my cheeks as well.

Meanwhile Dopey and Sleepy, who were neither dopey nor sleepy may I add, who had been missing out decided that they couldn’t hold on any longer and had cum in a glass.  So Bashful brought the glass to me … but teased me with it.  He didn’t give it to me.  He kept showing it to me and pulling it away, showing it and pulling it away, literally making me want it all the more.

“You want this?  You want this cum cocktail, slut?  Tell me.  Do you want this?”

Eventually, I begged him for it.  “Please, give that to me.  Please give me that cum.  I need to drink it.”

“Not till you suck me off first, you dirty bitch!”

So, I made a beeline for his cock and gobbled down on it like my last supper before an execution.  But knowing that he had teased me with the glass of cum, I made him suffer too.  I edged him repeatedly.  Every time he got close, I backed off and slowed down.  Then sped up again, then slowed down.  Eventually, Bashful just said “get on with it, you dirty teasing slut!”  And that’s when I finally brought him to the edge and let him cum, but right at that moment, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and aimed it into the glass to add to Dopey’s and Sleepy’s contribution.  Then I used my finger to stir it up, opened my mouth, and poured all that lovely creamy cum into my mouth.  I even gargled it a bit to show off just before I took a big gulp to swallow it all.

It felt so good having my own personal blow bang, and I was having such a high from it.  So, in my cutest, sweetest, Betty Boo voice, I said “thank you lovely boys for coming today … oh, and pun intended”


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Awesome Awesome story.  Wish I could have streamed this on pornhub :).

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So where is part 2 where the Evil Queen Cristal Hotbabe, jealous of our fair heroine for being the nastiest cum slut of them all, sends her to sleep with a poisoned butt plug until she's woken by a kiss from Prince Charming and he uses all her holes happily ever after?

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Makes Geoffrey Chaucer's, The Canterbury Tales seem pretty tame....

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