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Michelle January 09 Club Keys



Called into Club Keys to see who was available, never been there before, used to be to close for comfort, lived just down the road but moved away about 12 months ago, so thought I’d give it a try.


2 girls working, both available. 1st girl comes into the intro room, hello my names Sarah, I say hello and smile at here, she smiles back and before I have a chance to ask her anything she’s turned round and walked out. If she was the only girl working I would’ve booked her on looks alone, she is a very good looking Asian girl with hair a few inches past her shoulders, looked about 22.


2nd girl comes in, hello my name is Michelle, I say hello and ask, what sort of service do you provide, she says "a very affectionate one, why what are you after"? I ask her and she replies, kissing, yes, with tongue, yes, oral on you, yes, all included no extra, yes. What was your name? Michelle. Michelle 1 hr please, deals done. I can’t remember if it was $220 or $240, one or the other.


Receptionist takes me to a room and says have a shower and Michelle will be along in 5 mins. I’ve finished showering, have dried myself and am siting on the edge of the bed when Michelle comes in, she comes over to me and says hello, then kisses me while just touching my lips with her tongue and slowly moving it from one side to the other. I always find that slow sensual kissing especially with a little tongue sets the tone.


With this she takes off her dress. I haven’t mentioned this yet but Michelle has a fuller figure, probably about a 14 maybe even 16, but what I will say is that she carries it well and her body is in proportion with itself, boobs are a minimum of DD. She takes the rest of her clothes and shoes off and we get on the bed, we lie face to face and start kissing (DFK) and exploring each others bodies. Little mok has been ready for action since the first kiss. She puts a condom on and commences CBJ, she is kneeling between my legs and looking at me with her large brown eyes while performing (even writing this a few weeks after it happened, I can picture this vividly), After a while she makes her way up for some serious kissing and nipple play on me.


I then make my way down for some DATY. After about 10 mins I make my way back up and we start kissing again. She says, you know, fingers are good too. With that I start to explore her pussy and clit. I do this for a few minutes and stop. She says you can’t stop now I’m close to coming, so I restart the clit playing and gently suck her nipples at the same time. Within a couple of minutes she is there. She shrugs her shoulders, smiles and sighs, then puts her arms around me and starts kissing again, this girl is a good kisser, nice slow tender kissing with the right amount of tongue.


I now start to give her boobs some serious attention, she changes the condom and we go for some doggie, then missionary with lots more of that lovely kissing. After a while I know the time is getting on and withdraw, she removes the condom and starts to give me a hand job, she’s not able to get me over the line, after about 5min of trying and making me so horny and the buzzer going off, I ask her if she minded if I took over, she said not at all. So while I finish myself off, she is cuddling in close doing DFK and playing with my nipples. With all this going on the desired effect is reached fairly quickly. Michelle cleans us up and we have are showers individually. We wouldn’t have been able to shower together if we wanted too, because the shower is in a corner like a triangle and you’d never get more than one person in there.


I got the impression that she hadn’t been doing this for long, just a little inexperienced. But she more than made up for it with her enthusiasm and willingness to please.





Born in Australia, but French Polynes.


Age 24


Height 5’ 5"


Hair Black, almost to shoulder length.


Size body/boobs 14-16 DD minimum maybe bigger (natural)


Pussy Shaven.


Would I see her again?


Yes most definitely, like I said before, she seemed a little inexperienced, but more than made up for it with her enthusiasm to please and what she said was on offer in the intro was delivered.


One very nice young lady.






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