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great shag



Had a really good shag this morning with a lovely lady half my age.  Well, actually a bit less than half my age, but I digress.


She had contacted me and had been pleading with me for a fuck for ages, about three months anyway. So, I finally relented and agreed. 


She was very compliant with any suggestion right up until the point of me agreeing, then, as if by magic, she suddenly realises that now she is in command, well rather her delicious pussy is calling the shots and then she immediately starts inserting conditions. But they were not too bad, just an early start and a large coffee.


As soon as we met she was into a very welcoming kiss, not a DFK but a nice kiss on the lips rather than on the cheek.


We sipped our coffees and then she moved towards the bedroom, her place really needed a clean up, but I had come to her place for an inspection. In the bedroom I started getting undressed and when I was naked she turned around so I could undo her bustier and gently prise her legggings off. More kissing and hands groping her nipples and upper thighs. She groaned pleasingly in anticipation , her hand gently holding my ever growing erection and all the time kisses each other on the lips and the nipples and eventually down to her beautiful labia. She was getting wetter and wetter as my fingers gently entered deep inside her vulva. I laid her back on the bed and commenced licking her very moist labial lips. She groaned pleasingly and explained that she was somewhat eager to enjoy being fucked after such a long delay.


After several minutes she turned and swallowed my throbbing cock into her mouth and began to vigorously suck and lick my balls. Marvellous, just fucking marvellous. I did not want to cum in her mouth as I really wanted to climax dep inside her. She changed position and clambered on top and then with those magnificent boobs pushing into my face she rocked on my cock now deep onside her. She groaned and eventually shuddered in what I can only hope was most pleasant for her too. She gently asked if I had come too. We giggled like young people do and I really enjoyed the intimacy of the situation.


I chuckled and after a while cleaned up and then we chatted in a post coital glow.    

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