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Redecorating is a BITCH!

Jade Heart


Well incalls have been quite a feat to accomplish the past couple weeks... see, I'm kind of an impulse buyer. (Who am i kidding, I'm just an impulsive person 83% of  the time lol)... 

Anyhow, i went out to get a new grill plate from Bunnings the other week (Bunnings) and long story short, $400 later and it seems I'm redecorating my house it's already looking AMAZING but it's made incalls a lot harder at the moment. But it's all going to be worth it in about  another week. 

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I know what you mean. I went out once to buy a new floor mat and ended up getting new floating timber flooring for two rooms. I’m glad I did though. It also lead to other purchases to complement the new look, so it was an expensive “new floor mat” shopping trip.

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@PlayDohBalls the majority of the time i am 'monitored' when shopping, depending the store. If my 18yo can benefit tho, all bets are off lmao. 

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