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Jade Heart


So after a week of being AWOL, i am back at it. My assignments for the year are completed, my role plays performed and an outstanding review given from my lecturer.


It's amazing the way the human brain works, and i love psychoanalizing people. The funny thing is, i would have never thought i could put into practice what I've learnt from my studies, into the job role i am in now. But apparently, I give off a very warming, open and non judgmental vibe that seems to make people spill their darkest dreams/ fears/ desires/ worries etc. It has been an eye opener... about life in general, not men specifically. It's heart warming,  knowing that after a session, who ever it is I've been with leaves not just a load lighter (pun intended) but feeling better to a degree from being able to vent, or because they've gained anothers perspective or opinion. Sometimes it's good just knowing I've been able to get someone to see something from a different angle. 


See, contrary to what a lot of people believe, it's not just sex that us girls are hired for



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Life has so many moments to celebrate. You just have to open yourself to enjoy them all. I’m glad all has gone down well for you. Perhaps change your handle to UnjadedEscort now. 

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3 minutes ago, PlayDohBalls said:

Perhaps change your handle to UnjadedEscort now. 

Haha that actually started because certain sites wouldn't allow me to advertise under 'Jade' as they already had another Jade (not sure why it mattered) so i went to Jaded... then with my last name, it all just fit perfectly.

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