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Kelly November 08 Ladies for Gentlemen



Well Kelly is one of those girls that if you want to see her 99 times out of 100 you'll be disappointed if you haven't made a booking, she is that popular.

I used to frequent LFG a lot up to a year ago or so and probably saw most of the girls there except Kelly, that's because back then I wouldn't book anybody without first meeting them, once I had met them and stayed with them then that was OK I would phone and make a booking in advance. I had been in the same building as her several times but never got to meet her because she was in a booking or on her lunch break or what ever. Anyway since being an FIA member I've gotten over that not booking lark, you have to otherwise you would never get to see some of the more popular ladies.


I knew I had the Monday before the Melbourne cup off of work so rang up and booked about a week in advance.

I turned up 10 min before the allotted time and was let in by the receptionist. She recognised me straight away and said hello ----- haven't seen you for a while (about 8 or 9 months if you want to count). She took me into the small bedroom down stairs where they do the intro's and started to say how many girls were working, I stopped her and said actually I've got a booking with Kelly. With that sorted and finances settled $230 for the hour I sat down to wait.


5 mins or so went by and in came Kelly, my first impression of her wow, slim build pretty face, long blonde hair past her shoulders. We say hello to each other and she says, when did you last stay with me? I said I haven't. She said that's what I thought. Apparently the receptionist thought that I'd stayed with her before when I was a regular there and told her so. So now in a roundabout way she is asking why I have booked her (you can see a suspicious look in her eye, I'm thinking she thinks I've read about her on FIA or some other forum, I had but that's not why I booked her). I just told her the truth, which was, I used to come here a lot up till 8 or 9 months ago and was told by the receptionist then that if I wanted to see Kelly I would have to book. So here I am.

The only reason I stopped going to LFG was that I moved from Cheltenham (easy by train 20min) to further down the Peninsular


With all that out the way she takes me up to the green room which I find out later is her favourite room. She asks me if I want a drink. OJ please, she says OK have a shower; I'll bring it with me when I come back and don't forget to use the mouthwash. That made me smile when I heard that because I knew kissing was going to be involved. I did know that she kissed from reading her reviews but I also knew that she doesn't kiss everyone it's a case of YMMV with her on that one.


I've showered and am drying myself off when she returns with my OJ and puts it on the table. She then walks over to me and takes off here figure hugging black dress to reveal a matching set of underwear, puts her arms around me and kisses me, her tongue is in my mouth searching for my tongue, it doesn't have to much trouble finding it. What with the kissing and her hands touching my neck, little mok loves it and is ready for action. I take her underwear off and we both get on the bed, lots more kissing is done, some sucking and playing with her boobs, then she goes down to where little mok is and starts licking my balls and in that general area, then she works her way up the shaft and puts her mouth over it, I'm thinking no she hasn't has she, no she hadn't, she is one of those clever ladies that can put a condom on with her mouth without you realising it if your not paying to much attention, she's giving me a nice cbj whilst kneeling along side me, so I start to finger her, she responds well to this and after a couple of minutes moves to the 69 position, she responds really well to this and my face is really wet when she eventually climbs off and turns round for some more kissing. Now it's the squat position that gives you a nice view of what's going on, next is reverse cowgirl, wow that is a site to behold, Kelly's arse going up and down in front of you, she turns round and starts to ride me slowly, slow lingering tongue kissing, now this is serious business you can tell that she is getting close to coming so I help her on her way by gently thrusting into her and running my hands gently down her sides and round her bum and down her legs as far as I can reach and back up again, she just loves her bum being squeezed, her body goes ridged as she climaxes and starts gasping for air. After 20 seconds or so, while my cock is still inside her, she lowers herself down onto me puts her arms around my neck and gives me a slow kiss, she's got that slight grin of contentment on her face.


Another W/L that's taken advantage of me! No seriously it gives me pleasure to see them getting pleasure. And it just shows they love there job and are comfortable with being with you.


At the end Kelly lubes me up and gives me a hand job to completion all over her tits.

Now times up and Kelly goes for a shower, while I lay there and get my breath back. When she's finished I go for mine while she tidies the room.


While we are getting dressed the talk is just flowing it's as though we've known each other for years and not met for the 1st time just over an hour ago.


I drink my OJ and Kelly leads me back down the stairs to the exit door. She puts her arms around me and kisses me on the lips and says it's been nice meeting you, see you soon. I just say yep, you can count on it and with that we go are separate ways.




Age 34

Height 5' 5"

Hair Long blonde

Body 8B well toned.

Pussy Shaven

No tattoos or piecings except earrings.



Would I see her again?

Already have 7 or 8 times, that's how much I hold this lady in high regard.


Just remember YMMV.





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