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Sasha Croft's Bucket List

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Bucket List Item #004



Have you ever wanted to fuck in an elevator? 

Backseat of a limo? On a public beach?


Well tell me all about it because I have a bucket list item I need assistance with. 

I want to be fucked in my tiny little courtyard, looking out at all my neighbors, smiling.

Want to help me out?


My incall is in the charming Pyrmont and I promise to charm you. 


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sex in an elevator sounds a bit short for my liking … I've had sex in a public phone booth and it was a very looooong distance call :) xxx

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sex in a swimming pool standing up, with friends in the back yard while it's happening. Control needed here.

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On 16/12/2018 at 2:59 PM, Gregos said:

Is this a blog or an advert?


Does it really matter? 


Pity you are in Sydney SC. I want to fuck everywhere. Lol. 

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I recently enjoyed a fun experience on a balcony with an amazing lady while the world passed by 4 floors below. Even a roof top bar across the street! Quite a rush!

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On 13/12/2018 at 5:55 PM, widebluesea said:

sex in an elevator sounds a bit short for my liking …


Hit the emergency stop button.    Optionally, cover any camera in the lift.

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Bunnings carpark/One a gold coast balcony for all to see/ Melbourne high rise window opposite and office block/ Multi story carpark/Hi rise lift.

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Blowjob whilst driving down the highway... that was not easy to stay between the lines.....

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Sex in a stairwell of a highrise CBD building got ticked off by me and my eventual wife some years ago. Was awesome but risky, but we werent exactly aiming for a long session!

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