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A Way To Look At It......



Corporate Kara

Corporate Kara


Venus Nymphs


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As a late bloomer WL I would write a magnificent book about the funny side of being a WL and some of the wonderful interactions with humans we have.


Because you can always have sex with a smile :)


Just add humour. This is not to offend, but to add a smile instead.

It’s easy to become cynical in this fascinating industry, so sometimes, it’s best to add humour. 

As an escort is a service, let’s replace it with another service, such as an appointment with your dentist. 


SO … next time you make a dentist appointment, would you do any of the following?

Ask for a freebie because you turned 21.

Ask for a special, because you have a hot body.

Ask if you get a discount if you are super fast.

Ask what you could do for 15 minutes.

Offer ‘gear’ for services.

Ask for a discount, because you have nice teeth.

Ask for a special, because you are good looking.

Ask the dentist to visit your home, but if there is a particular model of car in the driveway, not to knock on the door, till it leaves. 

Send lots of photos of your teeth, before an appointment.

Tell your dentist how big and special your teeth are.

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Offer ‘gear’ for services.   <-------  now why would you offer your dentist your gear YOU will be needing it yourself to numb the pain of the drills, tools, etc etc and final payment ....   so seams rather pointless to offer The Dentist gear for them to give you gas for pain relief....  :)

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I have a dental appointment coming up soon and I’m thinking of asking some of those questions Kara. Lol. 

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Thanks for sharing my blurb...


When I first wrote it, I received fantastic emails from guys all round the country saying how it made them smile and it was nice to insert humour into what can only be 

a fascinating minefield of an industry.


Humour relaxes people and it's nice to share laughter as well as other physical fun bits :)


This year I am creating a master list of requests.


Punting requests - the creativity of  a punter's mind.


The first one is this:

I have a request. 

Sure. Go for it.

Okay your'e naked. (I'm thinking okay that part is easy).

And you are cutting my hair. (I'm thinking, I'm no hairdresser ..eek)

And your'e wearing a Darth Vader Mask.

My reply. Wow, that's a newbie. ...!!

But wait there is more ... it might get a little weird ...

No no ... let's leave it there, that one is a keeper just as it is, but sadly not my thing, all the best.


Hey Kara.

Do you want to be filmed having sex with a dog?

Fuck no, that's illegal and disgusting .. jesus christ.

Hey hey don't get nasty, it's all mutual and the dog has to like it too.

WTF I;m thinking... WTF

(I'm thinking - yeah right - it's 2nd on  my bucket list after learning how to play the piano)



Hey Kara. How would you like sex with a black man with a big cock?

My response. No thanks, have a great day.



So Kara what would you like me to do?

My response. If your'e asking, well wash my car? We laugh.





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