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Jayde October 08 Private



I first contacted Jayde by PM when I found out she was going to do a tour to Melbourne and arranged a rough day and time to meet and also gave her my mobile number so we could finalise things a bit closer to the date.


I had arranged for her to meet me in a hotel in Melbourne. Upon greeting her at the door we went into the room and got the formalities out the way.

When you meet her for the first time face to face, you suddenly realise that she is a very attractive young lady.


The room came with a large spa bath, so Jayde decided it would be fun if we both got in it. The water was put on while we both undressed and had a good chat about all sorts of things. She seems to be a very nice down to earth sort of a person.


Once the water was run we got in, she wanted me lying down on my back, while she knelt between my legs.

It was quite a large spa so once the jets were turned on it made me float and it felt really nice bobbing up and down while Jayde is doing a bbbj. She said it felt good too, like I was gently fucking her mouth.


After 10 mins or so and Jayde with mouthfuls of water we decided to retire to the bedroom. We dry and jump on the bed, we lay face to face and she starts to kiss me, with tongue as well, Jayde knows how to kiss.

I start to explore her body and play around with her pussy and her boobs, she's got a fantastic pair of boobs, I'm sure she would agree that they are her best asset.


She moves down the bed for some more bbbj while I'm still playing with her boobs and pussy.


She asks me to turn over and puts a condom on her tongue and does some rimming on me. I have never experienced this before and was amazed at how good it felt.


Its now time to turn over and Jayde puts a condom on me and it's into the missionary position, we stay in this position for a while and enjoy a lot of kissing at the same time. I withdraw and Jayde turns over for some doggie. After a few minutes it's anal. This is something I don't try very often, I just have to be in the right frame of mind and fancy doing it and I must say it felt really good with Jayde.


Jayde asks me to withdraw after a few minutes and to lie on my back again, now she is doing bbbj, if Jayde has a forte, this is it; she is just so good at it.

I'm just lying there watching her perform and can feel the tension building, then all of a sudden it's over and finished with cim.


We get into the shower together and she washes little MOK clean for me.

Once we are dressed and about to say are goodbyes I make a comment about her boobs and cheekily ask if I could have one last feel before we depart. She obliges. I think I've already said it before but she really has got a fantastic pair of boobs and all natural as well.



Age early 20's

Height 5'6"

Body size 12

Boobs D or DD

Hair long brown

Eyes blue

Pussy trimmed short.


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