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On 12/08/2018 at 1:38 PM, TomJones69 said:

I have to agree with you Tony, they're closet gays. The girls of course don't care and will defend them. It's easy money, after all. 



a) no they're not 'closet gays' but as with Tony, I suspect your view is probably entrenched and I'm not going to be able to change your mind ...


 ... so instead I will address 

b) how on earth do you figure its 'easy money'? Lol. To peg someone I need to make sure I have all the correct equipment (not cheap), and then I need to fuck a bit like a guy. Not that easy a feat for a woman, but you can learn it. So I'm exerting as much energy as you do when you have sex. 


And then there's the care and caution for the gent himself, particularly if he is new to the experience. 


And then, there's the possibility of accidents, again very often with an inexperienced gent. I'm fairly earthy and I don't freak out at a little poop. But there have been some pretty full on accidents from time to time. So factor in laundry and whatnot. 


No easy money there, friend.



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Not that easy a feat for a woman.....




Watch and learn .....  :)      Those girls make sexual intercourse with a strapon look more sensual and beautiful than actually fucking a man with the real thing...

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