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Ok well getting back on the punt is so much easier now that the internet is up and running or so I thought.


Back in the day you rang the girl she gave the usual description , busty, fit and size of her cock and a quick run down of what she offered. Though when you got there whether it was a TS or a female WL what description you were offered must have been lost in translation.


With the internet it appears even though we now have pics the pics may be old, retouched or just not the girl that opens the door.


Generally if I see a pic of a girl I think I am booking I expect the girl in the same condition as the photo to open the door. Recently booked a TS WL who in the photos looked stunning and even when I requested a selfie looked enough like the photos for me to head into town. Getting to the hotel and up to the room I was extremely horny when she opened the door and we'll wasn't what I was expecting. She was about a good 10kgs heavier than the photos.


I was now in a conundrum do I continue with the booking as a fair bit of logistics goes into organising bookings these days or do I walk. She was still sorts attractive and when I mentioned that I wasn't sure going through with the booking she assured me of a good time.


By this stage I was extremely hard and was about to go hand over the was and head to the shower, when I said No, sorry you are just not what I was expecting. She mentioned something but I was already out the door.


Probably the most frustrating thing is that was my punt for the week and now I have to try and balance my life and organise myself again which is easier said than done.


In saying that it appears there is a bit of talent arriving in the city on the next week so hopefully my next experience is a good one





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