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Wisdom........ Behind Our Years......



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Posted Today.


It probably depends on whether she has an epiphany later in life like I did ...


Fuck, this Government job sucks, I'm really over it, but love the money.


Holy shit, I am going to be 141 by the time I pay off my house.

Holy shit, I forgot to have kids and get a husband, but I spent my life building a career (somewhat) and focusing on being a long term dating girl .... 

If only I had put my energy into my future, career not being an awesome girlfriend to another handsome guy who waved at me.

Time to be single and get it together...


Hey, I know what, I might be an escort. Because it beats writing speeches.


Or was a clever smart girl at 20 and made it a career to get incredibly wealthy and works for a good ten years.


Hindsight as the Menzas would say, is that if I had my current brains and could go back in time, I would be a smart 20 year old.


But I'm several years shy of 40 so perhaps a few years as a wee career diversion. 


But wow, it's been damn exciting. :)


And it stops me dating because I have lots of dates.


However I can laugh, because at a party if someone asks me, 


Oh you don't have a husband?


I'm thinking oh yes I have plenty of husbands. :)

(just not mine).


Sorry terrible joke.


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