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Weirdest Experiences on the Punt



Been punting for over 20 years off and on and have seen a lot of things. From punting with a mate and bumping into our married boss to walking past open doors in an Asian brothel and basically getting a free sex show but with old men.


Here is a list of my weirdest experiences on the punt:


1. After a particularly heavy industry awards night decided to stop do some brothel creeping. Get into the in brothel head is spinning do some intros and the next thing I remember is fucking a big busty blonde from behind while she locked out another big busty blonde and then swapping..... I have no idea how I ended up with the two but when I got the CC bill I was like shit.....still an awesome fuckin time....the bits I remember


2. Booked a MILF who worked privately in Surry Hills when I was just a pup. Had seen her previously was about 40ish massive tits and a brunette who looked a bit like a MILF pornstar. Anyway she lived in a block of flats with a shared bathroom. I go to the bathroom and come back just with a towell on. Her neighbour was a TS WL who I bumped into walking back. She stares at my boner and says are you here to see me...with that my WLs door opens and I say can we have a threesome and that is what we had. Putting the WL on the spot with the TS was fucking awesome and then fucking the TS while she got her dick sucked was also a highlight and cumming together all over the WL was an amazing experience.


3. Fucking an Asian private in her house in the kitchen, when I am guessing her mum came home and just walked past us while I was hammering away. She was finishing me off with. BBBJ when she walked back in as we had moved to the couch and just remember her looking at me while I was blowing my load was fucking weird and I got out of there pretty quickly.


4. I used to punt with a mate who I did night shift with and we had plenty of doubles and I introduced him to the world of the TS punt and generally we had a wicked time. Though one time we were lining up some stunners at a high end Brothel in Sydney when out past reception comes our married boss drunk but extremely surprised when we called him out. He looked at us said basically what the fuck are we doing and left. He never said anything for the year and a bit I worked for him but he did cut me a lot of slack think he was glad when I resigned.


5. Was out after work and keen for a punt and was brothel crawling through Surry Hills when I was about to walk into an Asian brothel when I noticed a few more people standing around near the entrance than normal. They looked a bit suss so coming from a security background I engaged them and decided to keep walking. Turns out they were immigration/police and raised the place. Dodged that bullet.


6. Last but no least was I was addicted to punting and was punting or having sex at least 3-4 a week with WLs girls I picked up at work working nightclubs or on the net. I got to the point where I was not cumming and would just tap out. Booked a young busty girl (my type) in Chatswood who worked for a super hot South American MILF type semi private who wouldn't duck me because she thought I would be better suited to her younger harem. Anyway was banging away at the poor girl for an hour, she had sucked some fucked me and I had negotiated to duck her in the ass but a lot of screaming but no cumming. I am so horny I ask her to get the madam as I still want to fuck. Madam comes in I am naked with a rubber on my cock. I ask her if I can watch her fuck busty blonde then I join in. I name a price and she walks away. I am like oh fuck all bonerer up and no where to go. Anyway busty blonde is just sitting on the bed when Madam comes back takes my money and starts stripping revealing beautiful dark Latina skin and a set of humungous tits. She starts kissing blondy and they are going for it well madam was I think blondy was in shock anyway I walk over to the bed and put my cock I. Madams mouth. It is either going to get bitten or sucked she starts sucking while blondy is eating her out. I am starting to get really hard again a d she slips a rubber on and start banging away on her while blondy licks my balls. Lasted no where near as long as I wanted and came hard. Saw a few of her girls off an on but never got to duck her again. Must have been a moment of weakness but lucky I got to visit....


I lost track of the amount of times I have gotten the wrong girl come to the room after intros in Asian brothels and marched towards reception in my towell to get the girls I chose......good times or being left in a brothel room waiting for an introduction watching porn and realised they forgot about me and walking out and they were like Oh sorry......got looked after but realised I had been in there for over an hour so must have fallen asleep.


Hopefully I can add to these experiences but living in Canberra now the punt here is quite boring and combined with a few health scares in the ACT scene had meant a lot of the talent has been slow to come back ......

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Cheers for the blog, I guess it must be a bit tough in Canberra, but you are not far from either Sydney or Melbourne to escape during a weekend or so.

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Great read come to think about it I have a few stories of my own, so promise to add soon.

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Brilliant read thanks for sharing...


im just getting started in the weird and wonderful world of punting and hope my experiences turn out half as adventurous... I’ll certainly share them here.

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Awesome stories. I'll try and add. Nothing as outrageous as yours though.

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On 15/10/2018 at 11:05 AM, Pigsflyfast said:

Brilliant read thanks for sharing...


im just getting started in the weird and wonderful world of punting and hope my experiences turn out half as adventurous... I’ll certainly share them here.

That was the ones I remember. Thinking back had some wild times...

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