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Why I Top



Ok, going to discuss the reasons why I see the TS WLs I do and what services I partake in and why I do it.


I like to dominant during sex, no matter who I am with. Occasionally I have been challenged by various partners and had my boundaries pushed but by and large I am definitely dominant in sex.


This can be challenging navigating the World of trans ladies. Having been with trans women and trans WLs I feel I am experienced enough to know that often even when the trans think they are being submissive, traits of their previous lives occasionally come through, rarely but it depends where on the journey they are as well.


Back on topic. I have never been penetrated except with a few fingers and while that is incredibly stimulating for me I feel that to be penetrated would change the way I view sex and I don't want that. I might be missing out as a few TS WLs have told me but I am happy with my choice. I have progressed through to 69s and sucking trans cocks and utilising skills various WLs have shown me over the years love the power of making them cum quickly when they may think they have the upper hand. Sex is a powerplay and I like to have the power.


Hence why I like to top especially from behind where I can control the tempo and play with her cock and totally control the situation. It is incredibly erotic to be stroking her ass and dick at the same time. I once had the pleasure of doing doubles with two Asian trans who I think wanted me as a sandwich but I ended up topping both and having one sucky balls while I fucked her friend and licking my cock in between thrusts. Incredibly messy but one of the best TS fucks I have had. 


I love being dominant and am surprised that more TS are not bottoms but understand that there is a market out there for guys who want to be fucked. Watching the two trans fuck each other during our booking did not make me want to get fucked but did make me keen to fuck the other one. As I said was a messy fun time but one O would definitely do again.


As I am back on it again I am on the hunt for a great bottom TS , even jumped into the world of the SBs and found a trans who was good for a while but was too close to a relationship and that is not what I want.

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