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Great TS Punting



Well as I wait for some talent to come back to come Canberra town it has got me thinking about some of the great TS WLs that I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of getting down with.


Probably the best was Ashante who I saw on numerous occasions. Long legs , big tits and nice cock and a WL that never tried to rush me out the door. The fact that you could also watch her porn vids and get hard before meeting definitely didn't hurt.


My best punt was when she was working out of a small apartment on Oxford Street. I worked just down the road as a night manager at a hotel and that night I had probably buzzed in about 10 escorts to the hotel and this had me horny. I knew most of the escorts as the hotel was full of business travellers and had often gotten a BJ off the girls or a quickie in a vacant room during my time there. Anyway I was really horny this night and I was due my break and said to the night porter I am off on my break message me if you need help. I had called Ashante earlier and organised to be her last booking of the night.


It was literally 3 mins to her door she buzzed me in and opened the door wearing hot lingerie and high heels. I was about to blow when she grabbed my cock and started sucking. I quickly undressed and pulled off her lingerie and started playing with her cock. There is something about a TS cock and watching it get hard is not like watching a guy get hard when you are mfm with a girl.


Anyway managed to hold on before it was too much and blew all over her tits. Off to the shower where we both cleaned up played cock swords ....and I am not small but her she cock was winning and back to the bed. Slipped the rubbers on and pulled her while pumping away until I just couldn't take it and came hard in her ass. I wanked her hard until she came and we were both a mess.


This was how you should spend you break from work I was thinking. Back into the shower where I got hard again and she sucked me off and I blew... finally soft. Got dressed thanked her and went on my way.


I worked there for just over a year and probably spent about 60 work breaks with WLs and about 15 of those with Ashante. Many of the WLs would drop by the hotel when I was the only one on duty and I would fuck them in a vacant room. Good times and many of the TS WLs would use the hotel and we're often coy when booking in as they often checked in late but I would strike up a conversation and this led to many a freebie.


Writing this just had me eager for the punt and I have definitely become more confident in my TS punting going from a straight topping on the WL to playing with their cock and 69er with them which is fucking orgasmic with the right WL. I like to dominant and will blog another time as why I like to dominant with TS and how it makes me feel.

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