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Skye September 08 The Bignell



Went round to the Bignell on Sunday to see if I could catch up with Ava.

Upon ringing the door bell I was let in and then asked if she was working that night?

His reply was that she was not but he had 2 lovely ladies working that evening and would I like to meet them? I said yes OK.


Into the intro room I go and sit down. The same DVD is playing from when I was there the time before (A woman rimming a man).

1st lady comes in and sites down next to me. She says hello my name is Candice (she doesn't know this but I already knew that because I have seen her at 2 or 3 other parlours over a period of time but have never stayed with her, she is quite a mature woman), are you after anything in particular she asked? No I reply, she then gives me an outline of her service and finishes with I'll give you a good time and then leaves.

The 2nd lady comes in and sites down. Hello my name's Skye; she outlines her service which includes kissing with tongues, daty and deep throat oral. I liked the sound of that so I chose Skye.


Out to reception to pay, I said can I have the $25 off for the coupon although I don't have one, he said yes. Payment settled, $165 for the hour.


Skye returns and takes me to the room, she leaves me to shower and goes off for a cigarette. I know this, for when she returns sucking a sweet, I can smell it. I know some people have a problem with the lady smelling of smoke, I don't as I used to be a 20 a day person not to many years ago.


Skye gets undressed and we get on the bed together. She starts by kissing me, working her way round to my ear, down my neck, around my nipples, across my stomach to the bit that most men like having played with, there is lots of licking going on in that general area. She then works her way back up to my face and starts kissing me again, next she lifts her head up and plants a boob in my mouth. I feast on this for a while then move to the other one, she has nice firm suckable nipples.

After some more kissing, she gets a condom out for a cbj. This feels quite nice with lots of tongue and mouth movement, but it's not what I would call deep throat. Then something weird happens, she makes me come from a bj, now you might not think that that's weird but it is for me as this is only the 2nd women ever in my entire life that has made me come from a bj.


She cleans me up and I lay on my front for a back and leg massage. This is nice and relaxing. While she is massaging me we are having a good conversation about all sorts of things, she's one of those ladies that is real easy to talk to.


Now its time for round two, she starts playing around sticking her tongue in my ear, kissing me and generally licking the front of my body until I'm ready to except another condom. Once that's on she climbs on for some cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, after a few minutes it's into the doggy position and finally missionary which I change after a little while to me kneeling with her legs up and bent over my shoulders. This is one of my favourite positions and it's not long before I come for a second time just as the buzzer goes off.


We clean up and get in the shower together, we get dressed, walk out and say are goodbyes.


All in all it was a good punt. Sky has a nicely toned body with pert boobs.


Would I see her again. Yes, anybody that can make me come from a blow job deserves to be seen again.




Age 36

Height 5'3"

Hair long blonde

Body 8B

Pussy shaven

No piercings or tattoos that I can recall.


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