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I don't want to live on this Planet any more



Those of you who are regular visitors to the PP chatroom may have noticed my recent absence.  Or you may not have; I doubt my absence has been particularly conspicuous, especially given that a significant number of people - mainly WLs - who used to visit the chatroom on a regular basis now no longer do so, and some have withdrawn from all participation in PP, including the forums.


I suspect that the reason for these chatroom regulars disappearing is that in recent months the chatroom has turned into the wretched hive of trolling, misogyny and racism that PP's most strident critics have claimed (wrongly, at the time) that it always was.  Regrettably I suspect that this incorrect criticism became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  A small group of hard-core fuckwits (they know who they are) have infested the chatroom, and the decent people are gradually being driven out because they don't want to put up with the blatant and unabashed racism, sexism, nazism, anti-semeticism and general trolling and fuckwittery that the fuckwits carry on with on a nightly basis.  The chatroom is no longer a pleasant place to be, and the people that I mainly used the chatroom to talk with don't use it any more, so the KKK-lite can have it for themselves, and carry on with their inane prattle to their heart's content.

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It’s not just the Chatroom that has been infested. Intelligent discussion in a number of threads has degenerated to a such an extent that it can be unenjoyable to contribute. 

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Old Grey mare ain't what she used to be... Ain't what she used to be... 


Seriously though I agree. The whole board seems more dispriting... 

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Jackhammer McShaggles


Anti-Semeticism online is also isn't too hip me reckons.  Damn religious and cultural differences 😕 Having a civil discussion or a chat online is like a challenge these days. Just have a look at YouTube comments on any channel! It's bloody shocking! 

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I thought this was going to be another whinge about paying $0.27c per day. Girls come and go. Haven’t been on chat since FIA days. Your choice to leave! 

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Alas poor Nibblet... I knew him well (or my daughter did at least ...)


I am sorry that you feel this way and I do hope that you will reconsider and pop in from time to time to shoot the breeze and chat a while. I did so enjoy our conversations and although the chatroom has changed over time, it can still be a relative cool place to hang out sometimes... you just need to pick your times and people.


Cheers Mate... Hope you stay in touch somehow.


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Have never visited the chatroom, but that doesn't sound good. I certainly hope this site isn't going the way of FIA. I haven't had a very high profile on this site since I joined, and I think that probably stems from some bad experiences on FIA. Just don't feel like getting too heavily involved in discussions these days.



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