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Lina August 08 Dandy Belles



Sunday night about 9.30, went over to Dandy Belles to see who was available.

Only two girls working, both were available. Lina and Amy, both Asian. I chose Lina, not sure why as there was not much to chose between them.


1hr booked and payment settled, up to the room we go, I have my shower while she leaves the room for the customary period of time.


On her return we get on the bed, she wants me to lay face down; she starts by giving me a massage all over my back and down my legs with a teasing flick and tickle between them. Turn over the same to the front but with body kisses as well.


On with the condom and she starts a bj which is nice, lots of tongue movement, then plenty of lubricant and she climbs on for some cowgirl, after 5 mins or so it was into the missionary position. This is when I look at her; she has a very pretty face. I ask her what country she comes from, she says she is Japanese, another 5 mins later after some slow in and out movement (I like to savour the feeling),I withdrawn and suck her nipples for a bit, then its change into the doggy position. This is when I feel how strong her pelvic muscles are, she is squeezing and teasing like somebody would with a hand, gentle but firm.


Time is getting on now, so I decide to let her finish me off by hand, this she unduly does with ease.


After a clean up, there is 5 mins or so left, so she gives me another back massage which is nice.


Kissing and DATY was not asked for so not sure if it was available or not (I like to go with the flow on a first encounter and let the lady do her thing. This quite often determines whether I make a return visit or not).

One thing I will say is her English is not that good so it was hard to have a conversation with here.


Lina is






Long brown hair


Brown eyes


Size 6A? (Not much breast at all, but nice nipples).


Shaven pussy


Nicely toned body


At the end, it was into the shower and get dressed. Upon leaving the room, I thank her and she kisses me on the lips, so maybe she does kiss? (I'll have to find out next time).


Would I see her again? Most definitely, but it would also depend on who else was working at the time,


All in all a very pleasant experience.



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