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Frying Pans



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9 hours ago, Angelo44 said:

Hey guys,

honestly i'm shaking as i write this.

I made a terrible mistake at the brothel.


So i went to see a WL who i've seen a few times before.

The session started off normally

 Half way through the session i decided to do DATY on the WL.

Realising that the session was coming to a close, i stopped performing DATY and moved into missionary. 

As i did this, the WL grabbed the condom and pulled it off. 

I thought she was going to change it but then she said 'cum with me' and pulled my dick into her.

I straight away wanted to stop but felt like i had no choice and started penetrating her without a condom.

This only lasted a few minutes before i finished.


I can't believe what i did. It's totally my fault but i'm angry that the WL put me in that situation. 


i'm going to get tested ASAP but right now i'm so scared that i contracted Herpes or something. I know my chances are low but i'm still very worried.

A friend of mine had bareback sex with a sex worker a few months ago and didn't catch anything so that eases my mind a little. However, i'm still pretty scared.

what should i do guys?


i don't think i'm ever going to punt again.

 Advice I gave you in the other thread 

 Same applies here 


Walk into your kitchen pick up a frying pan 

smash  yourself hard over the head and repeat 

don't be a dick head .

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I had a similar experience with a private girl. Was a bit sus as there was no showering before hand. She blew me BBBJ and then went to jump on without a rubber. She stopped put one on and said oops. Wasn't totally convinced but she was a good fuck so I just went with it. Later on I have her in mish and she gently pushes me out. Rips the dom off and says "just the tip". (remember that game) I'm a little confused at this point, but did as I was told. Just the tip. I pull out and she begs me to put it in. "just the tip" I put it in and she says "now all the way". I felt stupid because it felt good and I just went with it. Didn't know her from a bar of soap. Wasn't like she was a regular that I had built up to this with. First time with her. I buried it up to the hilt. She just looked up at me and said don't cum in me. I pulled out about 3/4 of the way and she said "no keep going, tell me when you're going to cum and I'll take it in my mouth" I was shocked. I hadn't had any girls that would do that for me. I always ended up finishing inside (lets face it feels good anyway). Any remorse went straight out the window at that point. I started fucking her harder and harder. She started screaming "it's been so long since I had some real dick" I couldn't believe this shit. I was ploughing this girl and she was just talking like a porn star. I kept going until I felt the build up. Kept it right up until I felt I was about to burst then told her I was cumming. She went down so fast I thought I was just going to pull out an let it dribble on her stomach.


Girl wasn't lying, she started sucking whilst I came in her mouth. Felt better than any pussy I had cum in. She just kept sucking and sucking whilst my cock was pulsating. When it stopped throbbing as much she just got up and politely spat it in a tissue. The wonderful feeling subsided after about 30 secs and then I was like shit, did I just do that? What a fucking moron. On the drive home i felt a bit of an itch. Got checked out and got the all clear. But it did scare the hell out of me.


Do yourself a favour and get checked as soon as possible. Don't let it turn you off punting but just remember to think with your actual head. If you're game enough to stick your face there you can still get STD that way too. Don't get me wrong I love eating pussy as much as the next guy but if you think something is wrong then don't do it. Don't think that because your mate didn't get anything you won't either. If you aren't sure get tested and don't do anything in the mean time. Don't be an ass and fuck other people while you are unsure if you are carrying anything.

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