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Need a new spot for the fix.





So while I have been at it now for a year and with the recent departure of the backpage/cracker experience, going to my usual punter spots is beginning to become a game of what's new/who haven't I seen before, I'm slowly becoming very uninterested.


I don't think I'm ready for blue chip WL like privates advertised here(I just feel unworthy at this point); but I am interested in getting a new area to run through.


So far I find myself often visiting Manhattan Terrace as it seems to have what I think is a broad selection of WL with some even being my general type of girls that I tend to go for, Club 741 for some gems and Spellbound since it's the cheapest for caucasian/euro girls and have been okay a lot of the time.


I have been to other places like The number 1, CLub 859 which I stopped visiting thanks to some pretty sub par experience, whisper's studios,  Maison D'amor(the Korean put me to sleep and ended up with some savage comments on both ends), The Harem(used to be an old favourite for having some really good new girls) RIP and California Club(also bad experience, too bad to mention).


I want to get some suggestions for those who read this. I'm mainly after petite Caucasian/European girls, between 18-25, pale if possible and has lots of energy. I know if nothing else, I'm gonna try again and get some time with Lana in CC or MT, some of the other girls in SB, and Kim from 859.


Tell me what you think.


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All though frontpage has alot of sugar babes there is some gems.. I'd highly recommend Daisy

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Wow I totally forgot about this blog!


Umm I was already sussing out lacey and nymphette, may as well add little evie jones into the mix if we're being totally honest and have a trio of spinners.


Daisy sugarbabe that used to flood the local pages? there were a couple including kendall and Ivy, all had the same rates and what have you. Surprised there were some who offered sex as the sugarbabes would normally only do erotic massage.


Frontpage, please say it ain't so...

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