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Thats How it Works......



Jenna Love

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On 4/1/2018 at 12:25 PM, HedonistCharlie said:



Once again, not being offensive, and just trying to be academic about it. 1 year of brothel going in Australia has brought me to this conclusion that i had to ask such a question. Maybe Aussie girls start too early with sex, so eventually the walls end up being wide.




Yeah that’s not how it works 

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Hi from FauxCoat new to PP dont know how to use it yet cant get access to original topics yet - I was curious about the topic about Aussie girls and the Walls being wide, Is this in comparison to other nationalities "Walls"? and is it the Walls im assuming it might be or have I just got a corrupted assuming imagination lol?  Id be keen to share reality from the other side in a nice way. as i said I havnt yet worked out how to view the original blogs.    Id also be keen to ask questions about why brothel as opposed to independent? Im always curious about gentlemens persuasions.   "retired". xx

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