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Wild times



Share your sexual fantasies with me and let's have some fun ......

I'll start. Life is all about FUN and what's the best kind of fun ...... sex ! My unfulfilled sexual fantasy is a gang bang ....... tell me yours ?


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Hmmm.ok. there's a demure lady at work who dresses conservatively but has a smokin hot body too. I daydream that she'll send me a meeting invitation, then when I get to the meeting room she is sitting on the meeting table. She wants to be immediately taken on the table fully clothed. We must be totally silent to keep the other workers unaware, when I finish, she hands me her red knickers and simply walks off, my cum still tracing slowly down her leg.

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My fantasy's are a bit difficult for here, but I'll share 1. This one i got from the girl who took my cherry, she and i used to take turns forcing ourselves on eachother. I'm not talking taking a beating, i mean 1 would pretend to not want it, while the other went to the brink of violence to force themselves on the other. I remember waking up one night and she'd tied my wrists and blindfolded me, that was amazing.  Of course there was a ridiculous safe word, in case i jumped her in the carport or something,  and she really wasn't into it. One night we planned to play and not tell eachother how, just agreed I would do her. I waited till after work, she got home late and went straight to the shower. I threw a stocking over my head and grabbed her mid shower. Still dripping wet we struggled to the bedroom floor, where the other stocking got used to tie her wrists, i proceeded to use her mouth then turned her over and took her. There was something about it, i don't know.  But I know i can't keep it up now if there's any indication the other party isn't enjoying it, weird hey.

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My fantasy

To find a hooker that works for a lower hourly rate than I do

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My fantasy is to share my wife with another guy.. she knows and is interested turned on but not quite there.


She also knows I experimented with guys when I was younger and didn’t mind it and thinks it’s hot to watch guys together. This turns her on a lot but she’s once again not quite ready. 


I guess a combination of the two the two would be fun. 

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