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Ava July 08 The Bignell



One Sunday evening back in July, I had to take my son over to the Moorabbin area for a meeting (some team building exercise) and had to wait for him in the area, as where we live its about a 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min round trip so no point in going home and back.

The meeting was going to be approx 2.00hrs, so I had a couple of hours to kill. What to do, I know I'll go for a punt.


I had a local Leader paper in the car, so had a look to see what establishment was closest to where I was. There are 3 close by, Club Keys, The Bignell and Southside X. I noticed that the Bignell had $25 off a 1hr booking if you produced the coupon from the paper. So that was it, round to the Bignell I drove. The car park is nice and secluded to the rear of the building.


Upon ringing the door bell, I was let in and asked if I wanted a lady or a transsexual. I looked at him a bit puzzled as this was the 1st time I'd been offered this in a brothel, he said "some people do", I said "lady please".

He showed me to the intro room where I sat down to wait. There was a small TV showing a DVD of a woman rimming a man.

The door opens in walks a lady, first impression not bad. She had dyed shoulder length red hair and a figure hugging very short, long sleeved dress on. I would say at a guess that she was late 30s early 40s (I'm pretty hopeless at guessing ages).

She was very slim but with a curvy figure. We say are hellos, she says, "My name is Ava, are you after anything in particular", I say "no", she says "well I don't charge extra for anything except anal which is a $100. Upon this she leaves and in walks the man, she was the only lady working at that time, another would be starting in about an hr. Didn't want to wait that long so made an hr booking with Ava, usually $190 but with the coupon $165.



Ava takes me to the room and starts the shower for me (it takes a long time for the hot water to come through) while I undress. She does her check then leaves me to shower.



Upon her return, I'm sitting on the end of the bed waiting for her, she walks over to me, stands in front of me, I run my hands up the back of her legs to her bum, she's got no underwear on. After a minute or two, she removes her dress, this is when I see how heavily tattooed her body and arms are. I also notice that she has piercings in her genitals. Which is fine by me, I don't have a problem with them.

"Do you kiss" she asks. "Oh yes" I reply. At that she starts to kiss me. Wow this was not the little peck on the lips type kissing; this was full on gf type with tongues. This was some of the best kissing I had ever experienced.

We lay on the bed, she asks what I would like, I just tell her to do what ever she wants to do. With this she starts to kiss and lick all over the front of my body, puts a condom on for a bj. After 3 or 4 minutes she climbs on for some cowgirl action. She is riding me very slowly and loving every minute of it. She says to me after a while, "I can be a bit selfish so please tell me if you're not enjoying it". Not enjoying it! I just love it when a W/L lets herself go and really enjoys herself. After several orgasms and me being absolutely soaked, she climbs off and can't stop her legs shacking. She lays beside me with her arm across me while she recovers.

While she is recovering, I'm running my hands all over her body and sucking her nipples (she has the longest nipples I have ever seen, about 2cms and she loves them being sucked).


On with a new condom and some more bj, then some cowgirl, missionary and doggy style, the buzzer sounds but I haven't come yet, She says don't worry I wont let you go without a happy ending, so we carry on for several minutes, but I'm getting concerned about the time, so ask her to finish me by hand. Two or three minutes later it is all over. This is when the buzzer sounds again.


We jump into the shower and shower together as the shower is one of those large walk in ones (you could get 4 or 5 people in it easily if you wanted too).

I dry myself and dress as quickly as possible, she just raps a towel around herself and we walk out to the door, as we pass the reception area a lady says, "come on Ava hurry up", she says "alright alright" while she is laughing. The lady says to me "we know what Ava is like when she is enjoying herself". I just smile.


She gives me a huge kiss at the door and said something to me that made me feel pretty good inside (but I'm not saying what she said, that's private).




Age late 30s to early 40s

Height 5' 4"

Hair shoulder length, dyed red

Body 8A

Pussy Shaven

Tattoos on her body and arms

Piercings in her genitals



As punts go, this one has got to be one of the best I've experienced, especially for $165.

Would I see her again? Definitely and not in the too distant future.


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