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10 things I learnt my 1st week as an escort

Miss Honey Analverkehr


So I've been meaning to write this since my 1st week, have mentally composed it several times but of course now I put pen to paper my well thought out blog has gone out the window, or should I say out of my brain? Lol.

Anyway here goes -better late then never!


10 things I learnt my 1st week as an escort


1. To get ready FAST. My full face of makeup that used to take me 40 mins I got down to 15mins by the end of the week. Which leads me to number 2...


2. Guys that want no make-up dont tell me that before the booking.


3. That sharing a bathroom with another anal specialist 'interesting' situations can arise (picture 2 girls rushing to douche before a client and only 1 bathroom)


4. That in future I will ALWAYS have my own bathroom -lol


5. That Murphy's Law decrees 3 people will always want the same time slot (and no other time slot will do) and that I have a knack of giving that slot to a no show


6. How quickly the body is trained to associate things.

By the end of the week I was getting turned on hearing a client in the shower because my body had learned that followed by that sound comes sex!


7. That quite a few guys must not wash their butt cracks because despite having just had a shower they have 'cling ons' (handy hint; If you want a lady's face in your crack shampoo is best to get rid of any lingering smells)


8. That a well worded and polite enquiry text can really light up your day after a day full of mere 'hey' texts.


9. That I'm like a dear in headlights on the phone and really need to get a better phone so I can HEAR people better -lol

(really, don't ring thinking you will get a better 'feel' for me, I tend to freeze up and not be able to think but am a totally relaxed in person)


10. That I actually LOVE this work and get to meet so many great people. The occasional not so nice person but the good people outweigh the bad 10 -1


So there you have it, 10 things I learnt my 1st week as an escort.

I also learnt that stubble rash in your butt crack is not fun -so better make that 11 things.

I hope you enjoy my crazy journey into this new life as much as I do


Honey xx


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Thanks for your insights... will always wash with shampoo in future ... thanks for the tips ;)

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Butt cracks need a good wash!


Even soap will work, just gotta dig in there.

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Thanks honey, I'm sure you are a lovely dear when you look like a deer in headlights. :D

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Thanks Honey, the shampoo tip is gold.

I am not sure about the stubble complaint. Do you mean a fresh full Brazilian will do the job ?

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Miss Honey Analverkehr


@pancho I'm refering to guys rimming me or having anal sex with that sandpaper or rough stubble stage of facial hair/pubes

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Borg Offline Permanently


why wait until you shower to keep your butt crack clean?


I've been using pre-moistened flush-able wipes for a good while now. They're similar to baby wipes but safe to flush and yes, they are a thing.


I still wash back there as well of course, but the job is already 99.9% done these days.

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