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Romantics - March 2009 - Joyce



In March 2009 a review on FIA tipped me off that the famous Joyce from Cherry Blossoms might have returned from Taiwan to work at Romantics. I decided to visit Romantics in the hope it the same lovely girl.


First session took place on 12th March.


I arrived at Romantics at about 8.35pm, hoping to book Joyce if it was really her. The papasan said she would be free in 10 minutes, but it was more like 15. When she saw me, she welcomed me very warmly with an enthusiastic cuddle.


We went into the front room at 8.50pm. I told her I wanted to book for 45 minutes, but it later turned out that she misunderstood and booked me in for 30 minutes. At the end of the session, she tried to give me change, but I insisted she keep it.


I showered before she came back to the room and she was disappointed she did not get to shower with me. She helped dry me with a second towel. We lay down together on the bed and talked affectionately for a while. In hindsight, if I had realized it was a 30-minute session, I would have got to the action sooner.


She asked me if I was still with my Thai girlfriend and when I said we are no longer together, but still good friends, she apologized in case it upset me to talk about it. She said she had kept my business card, but was reluctant to call me because she didn't want it to look like she was just trying to make money out of me.


She said she is living in Melbourne Central, sharing with an expensive apartment with a friend. I offered to catch up with her anytime she is free and to show her around Melbourne. At the end of the session she put her mobile number into my phone. She said many sweet thinks about what a good heart I have and how nice I am towards her. She said she is now 24, and has taken off 3kg since last year (down from 48kg), due to eating less. She looks great, and the slimmer body makes the boobs look bigger. Her pussy is trimmed and she was worried that there might still be too much hair for me. I licked her pussy briefly and then she started to lick my balls. I was quickly hard and she then moved to full BBBJ. Although this was quite soft, I could have cum without any effort.


After a while, I got her to put on a condom and she mounted on top. I stayed rock hard and her tight pussy looked and felt great as she rode cowboy. After a short while, I rearranged us to missionary position and wondered if I could build to an orgasm. After a few minutes I decided that this was unlikely and Joyce offered to return to BBBJ. We got into 69 position and while it was good, the position of her pussy was not good for licking except at the top of her clit. I might have made it given a few more minutes, but the knock on the door put me off. Joyce then moved to licking my balls while I wanked, bring me to a very big orgasm pretty quickly.


The second session took place on 28th March


I saw Joyce at 6.15pm and she mentioned she got my text message yesterday, but was unexpectedly working today. She said Romantics is still frequently altering her roster. She now usually works Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I repeated that I am worried that she is not making much money under this situation, compared to last year at CBs. She responded that she was working too much at that time.


She asked me about the Colosseum, so I gave her the full story. She said she gets $70 per 30 minute booking at Romantics, compared to $85 at the MC. She said tomorrow she must go to the hospital about her sore back (from a car accident four years ago). On Monday she will call me to advise what time to pick her up at the tram stop in Sydney Road, then we will go to see the Colosseum, then she insists on taking me to dinner. She also told me that when she was wearing her sexy white dress last week, she was au naturale underneath it - very sexy!


We then started some action. She began the usual BBBJ and I reacted reasonably quickly. At first I was touching her pussy, but later she swung around to between my legs so she could get a better angle of attack. I was confident that her more vigorous technique today would bring me over the top, so I allowed her to continue and soon ended with a very satisfying CIM.


She cleaned me up and we cuddled and talked for the rest of the session. I told her I had decided at the beginning that because of her bad back we would not make love today. She was very grateful to hear this. Joyce said she was very happy that I have always tried to help her in so many ways. She even cried a little as she kissed and cuddled me. I left with a big smile on my face.




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