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Miss Emily Jayne

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Miss Emily Jayne

Emily Jayne


Hello there my fellow punters..


Let's take a stroll down memory lane,

in the past couple of years working as a private escort has been one hell of an adventure!


Starting from Adelaide 2015 on

On and off until recently I would describe myself more as a chameleon.. one day here & one day the next blending or bouncing, playful and pouncing!


Nevertheless, as we all know life can throw some pretty hectic curve balls which inevitably creates change.. for those of you who've indulged in a colourful conversation with me would know I love love nothing more than a healthy change of pace


I have decided to bust out of my cocoon and spread my wings to set sail on a new life adventure,

BUT... I firstly would like to say thankyou to all of you


Those who lifted my spirits

Those who made me laugh, cry

The ones who taught me valuable life pocket notes

Those of you who made me feel incredible just by saying "wow, you look amazing or beautiful"

(Didn't go unoticed)

The brave ones who probably thought they needed life insurance when my heels were swinging in the air.

The butt worshippers

The ones who thought they were weird because they liked something different 'you're amazing'

The ones who came back time after time and the ones that never came back at all


All of you

Thankyou so much for just being you and enjoying 'me'

It's time to move on but I hope I did provide you an incredible experience filled with professionalism, discretion, and the respect you deserve..


I know some of us aren't cheap and can really flatten your wallet at times but I do hope you know how much your service is also appreciated :)


I'm hopefully flying away into the big wide world and considering pursuing my graphic design career into a bachelor of multimedia & 3D animation or something similar


Wishing you all the very best life has yet to come

Guys.... thankyou


Yours Sincerely

Miss Wet 'n' Wild


Emily Jayne ??


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Without a doubt I'll have my days while I regenerate, I want nothing more than to be a one man woman, until then... it's me time :)

(& maybe a decent dildo lol

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All the best Emily. Will miss hanging out and having fun. Andy ending 610 x

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