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Tender Touch - 24/01/09 - Maya



Session took place in January 2009.


I met with two friends and drove to Cherry Blossoms where 4 ladies introed. The best was Kara from Korea, good body and impressive boobs. Next was Madam Leonas with 6 girls. The best was a Taiwan lady whose name we could not remember. We then trecked out for our first ever visit to Ji Li and met about 6 ladies - the pick of them was a Thai girl called Tesesa - very curvy. Finally we went to Tender Touch where five girls introed. I picked Maya, my friends went with Kara and Cherry (30 minute bookings - $120 each). Both regretted their choices and decided to follow up with Maya next time.


I showered and Maya came to the room before I had finished. She helped dry me, stripped and joined me on the bed. Maya said she is 1.68m tall, 49kg and is 23 y.o. She said she is Japanese and is studying English 5 days a week, so works only weekends. Her English is already good. She is slim and has a dark suntan, with noticeable bikini lines, but if these are her natural skin colour, she is much darker than most Japanese. She said both her parents are also dark. She has beautifully smooth skin and her breasts are perhaps B cup, but I suspect they are enhanced. Her bum is tight and her very sexy dark pussy is shaved with a small landing strip.


She began nibbling my nipples and soon moved to BBBJ. This looked and felt very good, but her technique was perhaps too soft and gentle. It took me quite a while to get hard, which I did not achieve until I asked her to swing around to 69. In this position, I quickly got harder and she quickly got wet. She seemed to be enjoying the DATY so much that she had difficulty concentrating on the BBBJ.


When she stopped to apply a condom, I got up to get my Ansell Lite condom from my pants. By the time she had it on, I had lost some of my hardness and she had difficulty getting me into her pussy in cowgirl position. She tried to get me hard again by CBJ but I realized this was not going to work. Given the 30 minute time constraint, I suggested she finish me by hand. She applied lube and worked hard at this, but again her technique was lacking, perhaps too soft, and I was not fully erect. I tried to fix this by gently touching her pussy, which again quickly became wet. I could see I was not going to get there, so I said we will stop. She told me that my touching of her pussy was very expert and it made her very horny. I promised her next time I visit, I will not be so tired and I will concentrate on making her cum. She laughed and affectionately caressed my dick, saying "until next time!"


She then gave me a good strong back massage until the call from the mammasan to end the session. Overall, an unfinished session from a sweet and sexy girl who deserves another session to try to get things right.


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