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Gents, have you checked your prostate?



I put this blog on ice as i had the all clear and continue to do so 4 years down the track.


So why another post? My story began when my Old man was diagnosed and it prompted me to get myself checked, luckily for me I got it early and all is well.


My old man on the other hand is not so lucky, he faces the reality of 6 months to live after recently learning that the cancer had spread to his bones and it's now only a matter of time.


The blog has reached over 7000 people, if one of those used the info to save their own life then it's worth it. The shit just got real, in 6 months or so I'll being speaking at my Old man's funeral so I say this one last time........GET CHECKED, HEED ANY SIGNS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!




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Thanks Aussiex. We can all learn a lessor or two from this experience.

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Got my most recent PSA results this week, and the Urologist mentioned the fact it was 5 years since I had my prostate removed. Results were good.

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Sir Thomas TTE


I'm 4 weeks into my 8 week course of radiotherapy. Just starting to get a little bowl irritation, but that's the only side effect.

I've been getting regular DRE and PSA for 10-15 years and watched my PSA level slowly rising. A (single needle) biopsy 2 years a go was negative. But further increase in PSA in this years' test had me back to the urologist. An MRI showed an abnormal area in the lower left anterior quadrant. Another biopsy, this time a 10 needle grid/template procedure, showed it to be just over 1cm in diameter, grade 1 (Gleeson 3+4). Being just 68 and in otherwise very good health, I had the choice of (robotic) surgical removal or radiotherapy. A CT scan confirmed there had been no spread beyond the prostate.  Without treatment, my life-span could have been expected to be 12-15 years. But I'm looking forward to at least another 25 years.


On the other hand, if I was 75 and had diabetes or a heart condition, then prostate surgery is moot since the life expectancy with those conditions and age is less than 10 years.


My radiotherapy doctor is very pleased with my results so far, and has advised that a 'normal' sex life should continue.  So I've taken his advice, and my lovely regulars are doing a great job with regular weekly prostate 'exercises' and flushing the pipes.  Thanks girls!

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Hi Aussex, being 6 weeks post op it was good to find your blog and read your story.

I’m just trying to get back on the wagon, but not much happening, Viagra having little/no effect.

Guess I need to wait


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