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Do you prefer...?




So i have a few questions for the gentlemen.


With the pricing structures for bookings would you prefer to have 1 price that us inclusive of all extras regardless of if you want to do them or have extras charged singly so you can pick just the few things you want at a cheaper price or do you like a standard booking and not interested in gfe, pse, ect?


Do you prefer the girl hairless down there (waxed/shaved) or natural bush? why?


Do you like a massage at the start or end of your booking? Why?


Do you prefer Brothel or Private? Why?


Anyone that has a minute to answer i would be very interested to read it. Obviously there are no wrong answers ?




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I would prefer a fully inclusive price. That way we don't get stung with any nasty surprises. Just be upfront about what's out of bounds


I like a massage at the start and in between rounds so to speak. Cause it helps calm the nerves.


I like full bush but I know i'm in the minority.


I like both privates and parlour. Depends on the occasion.

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This will show just how hard it is to please everyone. This second reply will be almost the exact opposite to ian80au's first reply...


I prefer a two tier pricing system, a GFE and a PSE, being into the faux connection, I prefer a 'romantic' kind of booking rather than an out and out kinky/full on fuck fest.


I prefer a shaved/waxed nether region or perhaps a landing strip or something along those lines. Why? I'm used to the look and feel of a 'clean' pubic area both in my partner in crime and now for myself as well, the mouth full of hair just seems to be a thing of the past.


I prefer no massage at all. I personally see this as a time wasting tactic. A bit of 'get to know you chat' in an initial booking or 'catch up chat' in repeat bookings and then onto the purpose of the booking. If we finish early then a cuddle with more chat is the way I like a booking to proceed.


I tend to visit privates more than brothels. It just seems to give the illusion of being more personal. I do realise that there really isn't much difference but the illusion of a more personal service is fairly important to me. Also in a brothel, it seems more like a production line than in the premises of a private service provider.


So as I mentioned, almost the exact opposite to the above reply.

The very best of luck to you Tilly.

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I prefer a set price to pick and choose for me is to clinical ,I would prefer to know everything is available depending on how the mood took me.

Shaved for me or neatly trimmed as above a mouth full of hair for me is in the past. On that note can a sk the same question to you ?

Private rather than brothel more individual for me.

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Going to answer my own questions for fun.


I prefer 1 set price, i dislike having to remember multiple prices and dont like people bargaining to get a cheaper service.


I like my area waxed and the gentleman neatly trimmed.


I enjoy giving a massage at the end to add a nice relaxing mood to the booking if there is time. However if the client is nervous i will offer a quick massage at the start to initiate touch in a relaxing way.


I prefer brothel for safety reasons and it gives me a range of doubles partners at short notice. It also helps me seperate my 'work time' & 'private time' more effectively.


Obviously these are my personal preferences. Just another perspective.

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One price for the whole service – as it helps maintain the illusion I am paying for an 'experience' instead of purchasing an cold and lonely inventory of goods and services to be delivered to my door. Also some ladies use high prices for extras to avoid the punter asking for them eg basic service $250, kissing +$100 to me sounds like “I don't want to kiss clients so if I have to suffer that indignity you must really really pay!”


I prefer hairless because I get off on the visual, and hairless always seems my hygenic to me (it probably isn't scientifically more hygenic, as the waxing or shaving process causes problems, but a fuzz free feels better around the base of my cock and feels better in my mouth).


I need to trust the person to enjoy the massage at the start, as too many people seem to use massage to just run down the clock and maybe even keep using their phone to text while they massage with one hand. The longer the massage goes the more stressed I get about how to move the chick along to the sexy part without sounding like I'm calling her lazy. After the sex I prefer to massage the girl, instead of her massage me, that way I can appreciate her nice body more is a sensual way instead of a my-orgasm-as-the-goal way.


Brothels are fine, as long as the chick is not too sick and tired of working there and her displeasure creeps into the booking. The receptionist also needs to be cool with me leaving without booking anyone, as getting shit from a receptionist will stop me returning.


Privates are fine if they are organised and don't leave me waiting in the lobby or sitting in my car for ages past the agreed time – or worst, rush me out because they've double booked or booked clients too close together.

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One price Tilly. Don't like the negotiation. Probably easier with a private girl, where you can ask for what you want, get a price quoted & pay that (or get told in advance that particular part of the service is not on offer).


Shaved, hair just gets in the way! lol!


Massage at the end, when you are hopefully feeling relaxed anyway.


Brothel is easy, you meet the lady before the room, not the other way around. Backpage has notorious fake profiles on it.

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'Extras' can mean so many things, I can't see how you could possibly include them all. I would like to be able to pay for extras and get what I want but realistically how can you include extras when extras could mean so many things ..


Shaved or hair I like both.


I don't like massages.


I like Brothels.

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Hello Tilly,

 1 price graduated down in hours spent. ie: $500hr, $900 2, $1100 3 ect...A list of add-on extras. I just like CIM/CIMWS and not all the other kinky stuff of PSE so its a waste of money to me.

Private. Rarely visit Brothels.

Shaved pussy 

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I prefer all inclusive cause I dont have to worry about whether she charges more for fetishes and cum twice , toys etc. and I really get to relax and enjoy the session as opposed to cheaper session just standard service and cum once where I have to not cum to quick and only do certain sexual acts  in the session to avoid paying for extras. I only like charge extra session If I want a quickie but if I want to relax and enjoy session I think all inclusive is better.


I prefer complete waxed down their, I think the Brazilian look is sexy.


I only want massage if I am going for erotic massage session otherwise I just want sex and maybe an extra like fetish or something like that. erotic massage isn't my thing I prefer full sex my self.


Overall I prefer private because I can normally get the same service from an escort of the same standard cheaper. I have a had good girls and bad girls in both brothel and private. brothel has advantage that you get more selection but I normally pick the girl I want online on sites like cracker, backpage etc.  brothel also ha advantage that you can walk straight in pick the girl you want almost straight away but during peak time you wait as long as you can for private girl. overall I tend to go for private girls.

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I'm with Monsta.

Keep it simple and relaxed.

The trick to attracting me as a long term, repeat, customer, is to ensure that each encounter is slightly different to the last but embodies a similar feel.

Not easy, but if it was then everybody would be doing it.

Thank you for the Blog.

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