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So i've been at The Boardroom for over a year now ? Absolutely loving it ❤ Everyone is super lovely, clients are respectful, fun and kind ? I'm feeling very comfortable with this house, like home ? Doing FIFO is hard sometimes but everyone here makes it easier.


I have been doing long trips lately (upto 4 weeks at a time). Its easy to lose track of time when i'm in a routine ? But its nice that it all feels normal now and less stressful.


Very excited about Friday June 30th. We are having a cosplay day to celebrate OzComicCon in Melbourne. I have 3 outfits ready to rock that night! Going to be amazing. Super Girl, Sailor Venus & Harley Quinn ?


I have met soo many amazing girls and gentleman through this house that it makes me feel blessed. I try to update my twitter daily with my roster, pics and thoughts ? if you're bored feel free to browse it @TillyDBoardroom ?


Well thats all for now ?



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I am a little hesitant to do private bookings after some bad experiences on escort. Not to say i wouldnt with the right gentleman but it would have to be an attractive offer to lure me away. I am much more comfortable in the setting of an establishment.

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