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Workplace Dysfunction Part 2



A couple of years ago I had written a blog giving my take on things in a discussion thread. Re: Finding happiness in the workplace.


Well unfortunatly thing after improving from my rough trot a couple of years ago, thing at my work have gone down hill quickly. We have recently got a new boss and moral has really gone down the toilet. In the last couple of months since the new boss took over we have had a large staff turn over, including a couple of long termers have left.


Well it's at the point now where I'm contemplating my future as I'm getting the feeling my days there are numbered. Which is a shame because it's a job I've been in for nearly 7 years and have had ups and downs.


I'm really starting to regret wanting to see the back of my previous boss. It's become a case of better the devil you know. Because for all his faults he was much more of a people person and I have been told that he hold me in very high regard.


I will be paying him a visit in a few weeks before I head off on my next holiday away. Will be informing him that he may get some phone calls Re: My credentials.


I'm also thinking about using this as a catalyst for a move out of my home town. Have alot of shit to think about in the coming weeks.


This isn't just work related mind you my desire to leave my home town is also for personal reasons. Which is why I was so upset that the objective of a recent trip away I took overseas didn't come off. Cause it could've given me a chance to get out of Australia while I''m at it.


So yes I have plenty of soul searching to do in coming time.


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Time to move on bro!


If nothing is holding you to your home town then time to leave and don't look back.



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Yup. We all have thoughts and experience like this  - eventually.


I have no advice for you as it's a personal road and only you know how much poo you will take before you decide to try a new direction. 


But I do offer you my sympathy.

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