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False Warning

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False WARNING on backpage and cracker

Looking 4?




This basically centers around false/fake escort profiles specifically on backpage & cracker.


Having used the services of a few lovely Perth ladies over the past few months and having spent hours weeding out who are the genuine none Asian girls I need to share something which happened yesterday.


While carrying out my usual scan of the said pages to choose a girl to spend some time with and after weeding out the Asian profiles claiming to be other nationalities I decided to spend my time with the lovely Katrerina Wilde. Just as I was about to make final arrangements I noticed a posting titled WARNING which out of curiosity I opened. This post was inferring that certain Perth escorts were not who they claimed to be and were in fact Asian. Hardly surprising as a lot of this goes on however my annoyance was triggered by the fact that Miss Katerina Wilde is on the list.


I went back and rechecked her profile on which she's posted a face pic all be it with some clever disguising of the eyes. I contacted KW via text and questioned her authenticity with regards her claim to be Aussie. She of course promptly replied categorically denying that she was Asian, who wouldn't faced with losing a number of potential well paying clients.


Doubts were still at the forefront of my mind when next I get a call and on answering it was the very same Miss Wilde calling me to discuss my claim that she was Asian. I can say with 100% honesty and from the second she spoke it was obvious that she definitely was not Asian. I took her word all be it with a niggling doubt still lingering and met her as arranged and boy am I glad that I did! She is dynamite and from the minute I met her I was treated to an incredible experience which absolutely ticked all the boxes for me.


So I say to the person who posted false warning on backpage and cracker you are either a disgruntled competitor, someone with a vendetta, a pissed of soft cock punter or just someone who has some serious issues.


Of course having not met the other lovely ladies on the list I'm not in a position to vouch for them. Be interesting to see if someone can verify their authenticity here.


Thanks for reading.

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I think there's a lot of that goes on unfortunately disgruntled jealous bitchy woman that aren't in the sisterhood of empowering and promoting women but tearing them down and you got it well done straight away a phone call you could clearly hear that's she's indeed aussie so I would definitely recommend asking for a phone call verification so glad you followed through and had a booking and with the wonderful (amd aussie) Katrina :)

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