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Diamonds - 03/01/09 - Yuki



Originally posted 16 May 2009

Subtitled: A Malaysian gem returns


In January I posted a brief heads-up in the Diamonds forum that the delightful Yuki was then about to return home to Malaysia, and anyone who hadn't tried her should be very quick.


Yuki has now returned, so you all get another opportunity to see this very sweet WL, who offers high-quality GFE, plus an outstanding BBBJ and (if you are lucky) CIM :rolleyes:


I decided not to post a review back in January as she was about to leave. In any case, Johnnythefox and others had already posted outstanding reviews of Yuki last year.


In April, I posted a further update that she had arrived back at Diamonds.


I have not yet had the chance to visit Sydney to see her, but a trip is definitely in the planning stage. But now she is back, I have retrieved my notes documented in January and offer the following retrospective review to help convince FIA members she is well worth a punt.


JTF first reviewed her back in August 2008, and he told me privately that he had returned to see her at least another seven times before he went overseas later in that year. Actually another non-FIA mutual friend of ours had booked Yuki in mid-2008, and convinced me to convince JTF to follow in his path. When I told both of these guys that I would be visiting Sydney around Xmas/NY, both STRONGLY urged me to make time to try to catch up with Yuki.


On January 3rd 2009, I went to Diamonds mid-afternoon where I met about 8 WLs, but none were really tempting. I asked the Mammasan if Yuki was working. She said she was, but she was resting downstairs. She organized for Yuki to come and say hello.


As JTF said is his review, "Yuki's Malaysian, in her early 20's, petite, around 5'4" and long hair. She has small breasts, great body and a neatly trimmed pussy."


Yuki looked great, even better than I expected from JTF's description, but she apologized that she was not well and may not be able to give top service today. When I told her that two friends from Melbourne had recommended her, she said that must be JTF and my non-FIA friend! Wow, that was impressive.


She said because of my friends, she was happy to take my booking, so I made arrangements for a 45 minutes session ($210).


Yuki joined me in the shower and gave a very affectionate and erotic wash. She has good English and was very easy to talk to. She knew lots about my two friends, and spoke warmly about both of them. On the bed she cuddled and began to give me a gentle but effective BBBJ. I was slow to respond, but gradually made progress. I was tempted to ask her to shift to 69, but I was concerned this was not a good idea for her if she was not well. I was surprised that when I got fully hard, she began to work harder to make me cum. I decided that it was better to cum now rather than hold back until we had some fire and ice, and some fucking. I was concerned that in my very tired condition (due to lack of sleep the previous night), it might be very difficult to cum later. But the reality was that her BBBJ was so good that I did not want to wait!


When I told her I was going to cum, she redoubled her efforts and I was pleased to see that she intended to let me CIM. This helped me finish with a surge of energy and I relaxed to recover while she cleaned up in the shower then cleaned me up.


She offered to give me a massage followed by fire and ice, but I explained that there was no way I could perform a second time. I told her that the rest of the session was for her to relax. We cuddled and talked for the remaining 20 to 30 minutes. She said she loved my scalp slightly bristly (I had not shaved my scalp that morning and it grows quickly) and she was very surprised that I was turning 61 the next day. She said she had picked me for early 50s at most. All this was VERY good for my ego, even if she was exaggerating heaps!


When the buzzer went off, we showered together in an affectionate way. This was an exceptionally GFE session. She was leaving to go home to Malaysia in the next few days, but said it was possible that she might return in about three months.


Now she is back - no I haven't seen her, but I will definitely be visiting Sydney soon to catch up with her!


Just a thought - BBBJ is absolutely standard at Diamonds (even guaranteed on their website). But CIM is obviously YMMV. Maybe Yuki provided this to me because I was a good friend of JTF :).


Another afterthought - I have just reviewed what I wrote about Yuki and cast my mind back five months to the session in January. I thought about it in the context of paying $210 for a 20-minute BBBJ/CIM, followed by a 25 minute cuddle and chat. Theoretically, that sounds pretty expensive. For that price or less I can get a full hour in lots of reliable parlours in both Sydney and Melbourne.


So I asked myself, in all honesty, was it really worth it? The answer - HELL YES! I am really looking forward to the opportunity of seeing Yuki again as soon as I can get myself back to Sydney :D.


Final afterthought - isn't it strange that a Melbourne punter has to give such a heads up to our Sydney colleagues?




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