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S and G



S & G


He had met S before, when she was travelling through another state. S had a very good reputation and even though it had been a while since they met, that encounter was still clear in his memory. There had been a recent visit to another advertiser, it was a pleasant time but something had been missing and he yearned for more. So he was again scouring his preferred sites of advertisers. S travelled a lot and he had not really thought to check her whereabouts. On the Friday, he saw her ad again and the enquiry was made. The time and date were quickly and effortlessly booked for the coming Monday.


All this looking at the advertising had his mind drifting. An email was sent to S wondering if she knew G and whether she and G would be interested in joining him together. S and G knew each other and had joined each other before. Soon G was also confirmed. He had not met G before, however her advertising intrigued him, hence the request for her to join.


It was almost 8am Monday morning. He was actually going to be on time despite the cross city early morning traffic.


Nervously he knocked on the door. S greeted him at the door looking wonderful, as before. In the distance down the hall, he caught a glimpse of G, a beautiful, petite blonde. As the door closed, S continued the greeting with a soft kiss and introduced him to G who greeted him with a gentle kiss.


They moved to the lounge to continue the introductions and finalise the formalities. The delightful blonde S on one side and the captivating blonde G on the other. The arrangements had been made for one and a half or two hours, he immediately confirmed it would be two.


S & G slowly leant over him towards each other. They were so close to his face, they kissed, slowly. A real kiss. He knew at this point he has made an exceptional decision.

S then slowly kissed him on the lips, one hand on G the other moving over his shoulder. She retreated, kissing G again and motioning for G to kiss him. She did, gently. She sent tingles though his body. They continued briefly whilst S attended to something else briefly. Hands slowly moving over the clothed thighs and arms. S returned and the three continued briefly slowly, gently, kissing each other in turn, hands wandering, exploring, without urgency.


S prompted the move. It was time to alight the stairs to the loft bedroom. Both S and G decided he needed to be disrobed. They set upon him. G focussing on his upper whilst S commenced from the bottom, removing his shoes. Joining together to remove the belt and pants. He retreated, briefly, to cleanse. Something they said was not required but he wanted. He returned clad in his towel. S was quickly reduced to her fine lingerie. S joined him as they then gradually also reduced G to her delicate lingerie.


On his back on the bed, the soft warm skin of S touching, teasing his. G and S were then embraced, lips touching each others, kissing, passionately. Hands moving over each other. There was nothing rushed. He could touch the soft skin of both. Delicately along the thigh, upper arm and back, gently massaging along the way. This continued until S reached down and took him in her hand/s, looked him in the eye and then devoured him. He laid there watching S, her eyes looking back at him briefly from time to time, enjoying her warm mouth, the movement of her tongue. He had one hand one S’s upper back gently massaging whilst she continued, with the other lightly stroking G. He looked at G, she was intently watching S. They offer different services but this was no problem. G repositioned, whilst S continued. G’s tongue explored his jewels engulfing one. He was struggling to hold on. He knew S would willingly, eagerly accept everything that he had, extracting and consuming it all.


But not yet.


He could release for now but he preferred to wait, senses heightened, on edge. This was not an attempt to have S and G extract what they could from him as many times as he could offer. This was about the sensations created, the build up and as far as he was concerned mutual pleasures. It could be about him only, S & G would accommodate that. But no.


He motioned for S and G to pause. S looked at him with a quizzical glint in her eye. She knew exactly where he was at. Was he sure? G was smiling at S’s expression.

He was sure. He kissed S and then G. Moving S on to her back on the bed. He then kissed S’s soft lips then her neck and chest. Moving slowly, hands gently stroking, massaging, caressing as he went. To her soft bountiful breasts, fingers rubbing her firm nipple lightly which he then gently, kissed and flicked with his tongue. He had lost G for a moment and looked up to see her kiss S on the lips as she then moved to her free nipple. He continues to explore gradually moving to her inner thigh, kissing, stroking along the way. Approaching her womanhood he pauses, breathing a gentle breath across her lips. His tongue begins to explore, lightly, feeling its way. It reaches its destination. S appears to be revelling in the attention. G has moved behind him, gently rubbing his back, he looks at her before returning to the task before him. G appeared to want to intervene, wanting to taste S for herself. She was denied as he focussed on S who was close. His tongue continued, unwavering until she shudders. He remains, for a moment, savouring her.


S looks to G, informing her she needs the same . He cleanses his palate and commences upon G. Following a similar pattern as he did with S. G was different though. Petite with smaller breasts, perfect he thought, as he held them, caressed and massaged. S joined in, she so enjoyed the essence of a woman. She tasted G briefly before he replaced her tongue with his. S did not leave her though continuing with her own attention. Once again he gently explored with his tongue, letting it feel its way, the only way. His tongue had finished exploring, it was in the right place. He continued gently then with more gusto, as she responded with the attention from them both, until her body fully relaxed. Once again he savoured her momentarily.


S then took control, pushing him to his back, taking him into her mouth before covering him and again engulfing him. Just briefly, before she lowers onto him. He pauses her for a moment, relishing the warm sensation of being encapsulated by a woman. G is present, never leaving, adding to both their pleasure. S continues her motions, slowly and then quickly. After all the sensory delights that had been experienced S could sense what was arising in him. She alighted, not one to be greedy, and offered him to G. They replaced his cover. The pause helped him. G now held him in her hand, her tongue gliding then her mouth consuming. S approached G from behind, her mouth tasting her before G repositioned herself, lowering onto him, consuming him in her warmth. S and G had looked at him, there would be no holding back this time as G’s movements built his fire until he convulsed unable to move.


Time had concluded. He hoped one day he would be able to re-enact what had transpired.


He will see S again.


There was something about G, he would see her again soon and will again when he can.


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