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Cherry Blossoms - 27/02/08 - Joyce



Originally posted 27 February 2008

Subtitled: A last long kiss goodbye from Steelmaster


This lovely lady is addictive, but she will be going home to Taiwan next week. Last week I had a session with Joyce to wish her bon voyage. But I decided at that time I would have to come back for one final longer and more relaxed farewell session.


Today I found myself dropping in to Cherry Blossoms a few minutes after 5pm. I had phoned earlier and discovered Joyce started earlier today, around 4pm.


I wasn't anticipating getting the benefit of the pre-5pm discount prices ($225 for an hour instead of $260), as it was already after 5pm. In some shops, your booking even needs to be finished by the cut-off time. When I told the Mamasan that I wanted to book Joyce for an hour, she stuck her head into the ladies lounge and spoke in Chinese, presumably to Joyce . I heard the words 'Internet review' and 'discount' mentioned. The mamasan is well aware that I posted Joyce's first ever review on FIA. The then mamasan ushered me to one of the back rooms and I gave her three $100 notes, assuming correctly that Joyce will bring the change.


While I was showering, Joyce arrived. While she dried me, she explained that the Mamasan had agreed to charge the afternoon discount price of $225. This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise, both in terms of the cash saved, and how much Joyce's English has improved, as she was able to carefully enunciate the words 'two hundred and twenty-five dollars'. I recalled in our first session in November, Joyce had to write the session cost with her finger on the mirror.


Joyce said her nights are becoming even busier as she moves into her last week before heading home. She said she was happy we can have a more relaxing one hour session this time. As we reclined together on the bed, I examined in detail for the first time the two tattoos Joyce has on her sexy body. We talked and laughed about many diverse topics as I gave her a brief back and neck massage, which she seemed to appreciate very much. Massaging her sexy bum proved too much for me, and I spread her legs so I could lick her pussy from above. She definitely enjoyed this, so I lifted her bum until she was on her knees. doggy style, and I kneeled next to the bed so could perform my best DATY efforts from behind. We both found this very enjoyable. My dick by now was rampant, and was uncomfortably poking at the side of the bed as I tried to concentrate on DATY with Joyce's delightful pussy and bum in my face.


My mobile phone rang when I was in the process of positioning Joyce on her back so I could renew my DATY efforts in this more conventional position. I noticed the caller ID showed it was a business friend. I ignored the call, but Joyce asked if it was important. I explained it was a friend, and they will no doubt call back later. The caller rang again, and Joyce urged me to take the call, indicating she will keep silent. Knowing that the call would only be brief, I answered the phone. Joyce, with an evil grin on her beautiful face, immediately went down and began performing an exquisite BBBJ on my still rampant dick. It was delightful torture, trying to keep a small amount of attention on the phone call, while switching most of my attention to watching Joyce's sensational BBBJ, with her eyes glued to mine, watching with obvious amusement my agony of distraction, with the cheekiest of looks in her eyes! Fantastic.


This lasted less than a minute. I hope I made some vague sense to my caller. I know I will remember the incident with delight to my dying days!


When we finally stopped laughing, we moved into a wonderful long and enjoyable 69, with Joyce determined to push me over the edge with her superb BBBJ, and me trying to distract her efforts by applying my best DATY efforts. After a long stand-off, I realised I was about to go over the edge, so I admitted her oral talents were far greater than mine. She applied a condom and we spent some time with Joyce in various Cowgirl positions, followed by missionary. All of this was interspersed with lots of DFK, initiated by Joyce. I was considering trying doggy, but when I checked the time, I realised that we had only minutes remaining on the clock. Joyce indicated she will finish me off again with BBBJ, as it will be quicker. I did not argue with her irrefutable logic :)


The buzzer sounded almost as soon as we started, but Joyce indicated that making me come was far more important than the buzzer. She swung around into 69 position and within a few minutes had me over the top.


The second buzzer sounded as we entered the shower together. She did not cut short her usual delightful ministrations in the shower. As we dressed and said our final warm goodbyes, I gave Joyce a $50 tip. She at first refused to take it, saying it was far too much, but I convinced her by pointing out that my discount was almost as much as the tip.


I hope that Joyce does come back to Melbourne in a few months time. She is a delightful, sexy, warm and beautiful lady.




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