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Cameron Olsen


Recently I was asked if I had any memorable moments during my life as an escort .The following story comes to mind and I wanted to share it with you ...


A little while back my girlfriend and I joined a 5 star escort agency.

We were extremely green and had no idea what we were doing but we had a few bills and our finances were looking grim so we decided to pluck up the courage bite the bullet and go for the interview


The owner was a roundish man who talked a lot , told terrible jokes and sweated as though every day was forty degrees .


When he told us both we landed the job I remember we were both so happy and we both couldn't wait to get started.


I remember my first week at the agency

I hadn't done many bookings but I was excited to get in to the industry and to give it a red hot go.


One night I was sent out on a booking to a hotel down near Darling Harbour The client was a single guy in his 30's .


After settling in , the gentleman positioned himself in a chair by the window and asked me to play with a toy on the bed in front of him .The client explained he wanted to just watch and masterbate which was fine by me so off I went ..


As I was on the bed gyrating away I noticed a folder sitting on the ledge behind the bed The folder was standing upright and it was resting near other items and if it wasn't for a dimish red light coming from inside the folder I wouldn't have noticed it at all .


I knew straight away it was a recording device and that he was filming me but I carried on with the toy in hand regardless trying to figure out my next move


I knew I had to make a quick exit and take whatever that recording device was with me ..


I asked the client if he liked what he saw and he said that he did .


I then told him I had another surprise for him which was much better than me playing with this toy but in order for him to appreciate the next surprise in the best way possible and as he was fully clothed ,he needed to have a shower first and return in a bath robe.


He did what I asked and eagerly entered the bathroom to shower.


When he was in the bathroom I reached for the folder and sure enough I discovered it was in fact a recording device


I attempted to grab the tape out of the camera. This proved to be difficult as I'm not a technical girl ..I even have trouble removing my sim out of my iPhone at the best of times so you can imagine how I fumbled around ...


I remember shaking a lot and my heart was pounding so fast in my chest I thought it would surely explode .


I still heard the water running in the shower so I knew I had only a minute or two left to get the tape out and I think I broke a nail in the process ..I could of taken the whole camera with me but I remember thinking to myself that would be stealing(!)


I finally removed the tape at the same time the water stopped and I heard him towelling off


I got dressed minus my stockings and shoes at lightening speed ..so fast it seemed as though I was in some strange time warp. As I opened the hotel door to give me a few more minutes of escape time I yelled out to the client who was still towelling off "I'm almost ready no peeking !"


I then quickly but ever so quietly ran out the door as fast as I could .

I pressed for the lift but I had thoughts of him running after me in his bath robe so I felt I couldn't wait and as every second felt like eternity I took the stairs heart still pounding furiously in my chest.


I remember the relief I felt when I made it out of the building and into a cab


When I returned to the agency I explained what happened as I handed over the tape with my hands shaking to the boss who thought the whole thing was hilarious.


My boss took the tape and started playing it in front of me and of course by this stage everyone in the agency had heard what had happened and they all wanted to see the tape too!


So if you can imagine us all sitting around watching me on video with very little experience mind you , pleasuring myself with this toy while bring scrutinised by everyone in the office ! I remember there were a few gasps giggles and eye rolling by most of the girls .. yes it was hell ...and I was so embarrassed..


Ok so the tape was not actually me having sex it was me having sex with a toy ...


However you could still see my body and you could still see the toy (and where it was going )and you could also see my face very very clearly ! I was mortified.


I asked my boss what he was going to do with the tape and he told me he would destroy it and at the time I believed him ...


Before I left the agency I asked my boss again about the tape and he assured me he destroyed it ... I know what you're thinking .. why did I give the tape to my boss ... why didn't I destroy it myself ?..yes thinking back I should of done those things but like I mentioned I was young and I was green and I trusted my boss to do the right thing


I often think about that tape and if it was in fact destroyed ...and if it wasn't destroyed where is it now ?


Maybe if I become rich and famous it may miraculously appear ......


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Tape? No one uses tape now days so I'm sure it's been chucked away - if that's any reassurance

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Apparently this is a big problem for SW's with the modern phones and modern small spy cameras. 


Maybe the safest course is to make sure you never become rich and famous!


Kidding :D

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I've seen it, you were great!


thanks for sharing (to your old boss)

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