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Cherry Blossoms - 21/02/08 - Joyce



Originally posted 22 February 2008

Subtitled: Steelmaster wishes Joyce Bon Voyage


For weeks I have been promising myself a return visit to the highly praised Joyce. Finally I got my bum into gear and phoned ahead to book Joyce before she heads back to Taiwan.


Joyce's last shift at CBs will be on March 4. Joyce is always very busy, but this is likely to be exacerbated as many punters try to fit in a final visit before she departs. So don't expect to just roll up to CBs and find Joyce available - phone and make a booking!


With many FIA members commenting that Joyce has recently seemed tired and overworked, I chose to make a 30-minute booking at 6pm, which is her usual starting time.


My first session with Joyce was just one week after she started at CBs in mid-November. This second visit, just over a week before she goes home, was more than three months after the first session. So I wasn't sure if she would remember me. After all, she has been a very busy girl in the intervening period.


Those who have read my first visit review of Joyce will recall that I was highly impressed with her performance, her beauty, sexuality and personality. Despite her very limited English, we made a warm connection.


So how did the second session compare?


I am very happy to report that it was far better in every aspect!


My second impression of Joyce is that she is even more beautiful and sexy than I had remembered.


Joyce not only remembered me, she expressed her gratitude to me (with lots of kisses) for posting her first Internet review, which she said has made her so busy for the past three months! Wow, that really surprised me! Her English has improved dramatically since her arrival, so we spent the first five minutes or more falling about laughing as she tried to convince me that I exaggerated in my review about her beauty and performance, and I assured her that she fully deserves her undisputed ranking as the No.1 lady at CBs.


Without going into too many details of the action, I started with an oral examination of her now trimmed pussy. She apologised, saying that although it is far more trimmed than it was in our first session, she is overdue for a closer trim and she hoped I wasn't disappointed that it wasn't smooth shaven. She said if had she known I was coming to see her today, she would have shaved much closer. She really did remember the details of our first meeting! I should add that now that is not hidden, I can appreciate far better how beautiful and inviting her pussy looks.


She seemed to enjoy the brief DATY session, but soon she positioned me on my back and moved into a 69 position so I could bury my face in her pussy while she provided her wonderful BBBJ action. We enjoyed this for some time until I decided that the time was flowing fast. We moved onto some cowgirl action, followed by missionary. I fully agree with Enigma that Joyce is surprisingly tight, but I knew I would never be able to cum with CBs industrial strength condoms (I had forgotten to bring my usual gossamer thin specials). So, Joyce switched back to her excellent BBBJ and we finished just on time, soon after the buzzer.


As usual, Joyce joined me in the shower, which is a lovely way to finish the session. She confirmed that she hopes to come back to Melbourne in maybe a month or two, "after she catches up with lots of sleeping!"


I agree with Nifty999 that Joyce is not only at the top of the ladder at CBs, but she would definitely hold her own in the top ranks of the ladies at the Colosseum. I would still rank Champagne as a clear leader, but Joyce would get my vote in front of all of the other MC stars.


For Princely and others who have still not found time to enjoy a session with the delightful Joyce, I urge you to take advantage of her last 12 days at CBs.


I really hope that she comes back to us in a month or two. But just in case she doesn't. I am already thinking maybe I will have a final one hour session with her before she leaves........




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